3 Benefits of Website Localization

If a business wants to grow, it must adapt to the changes required to do so. Staying with the same model of business that worked even a decade ago can mean slow growth, if not regression, for your company. Today, localization is one of the most important ways in which businesses are branching out and spreading their win

Localization and Global Marketing

A dedicated investment in content that speaks to an audience’s language and aligns with their cultural norms can help companies win new market share around the world.

How quickly your business grows depends on the path you take with localization. Any business that has ever offered a product or a service in a different regional market understands that it can take time to adapt before success can be achieved. The American Marketing Association says, “A dedicated investment in content that speaks to an audience’s language and aligns with their cultural norms can help companies win new market share around the world.”

If you’re ready to take the next step in winning part of that market share, here are three benefits that website localization can bring.

1) It extends your reach

Your website is like a key that opens the doors to global markets everywhere. Buying and selling on an international level is no longer reserved for major corporations. By using your website to open up your business to consumers across the globe, you’re expanding your potential to increase both traffic and sales. Offering product and service descriptions in multiple languages is imperative to allow your reach to extend as far as you’re willing to go.

2) It creates trust

When people have positive experiences on your website, they’ll let the world know it. If they understand your website content because it’s written in a language they understand, it makes the experience better. Though many people around the world speak some English, when your website can be read and understood in someone’s native language, the overall experience will be more pleasant. This can lead to more positive reviews of your company, leading consumers to have trust in not only what you’re offering, but in you as well.

3) It builds your brand

Your brand may be well-known in your small corner of the globe, but as you spread out, you can be seen and heard by people thousands of kilometres away. Putting your brand out there in the language of your target market helps people better identify with you. Your brand will become your identification badge, and as more people see that badge, the more they’ll feel comfortable coming to you for your product or services.

We’re a Brand You Can Trust

At ITC Global Translations, we know the keys to successful website localization. Our translators understand cultural differences that can make—or break—the way your business is portrayed in different areas of the globe. Your website will be fully optimized to ensure that your reach, your trust and your brand extend as far as you choose. Contact us today to learn how to make localization work for you.

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