Happy “National Proofreading Day”!

As a tribute to her mother, who loved to correct everyone, Judy Beaver created “National Proofreading Day”, on March 8, her birthday. For the trainer, who is tasked with helping businesses in terms of writing and proofreading, this date is the perfect opportunity to raise public awareness about a recurring problem in the business world: errors!

They are the sworn enemy of job applications, invitations to tender, advertisements, emails and PowerPoint presentations here! Spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and grammar issues can be detrimental to the professionalism of all sorts of written communication. Could we go as far as saying that they can tarnish reputations? It is indeed possible, especially in the domain of mass advertising campaigns, intended to reach millions of potential customers and pasted across huge billboards… You’ll find a few examples here!

So, on March 8, let’s wage war on errors! After all, for a translation agency, it’s a day like any other.

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