The Importance of Cultural Diversity in Marketing

Once upon a time, marketers catered to a particular crowd. Commercials and marketing campaigns were built upon the notion that all families contained a middle-class husband, wife, and two children living in a suburban area of the world. And they were white.

Today’s Reality – Family and Culture

Marketing is actually a cultural activity…the control of cultural messages.

Times have changed. Thankfully, most marketers have a realistic notion of what families look like today. There is no set definition of a family anymore; people from around the world are meeting on global dating sites and settling into different lives in different countries. Families can have one dad, two dads, or no dads; Mom might actually be Grandma; and even ex-partners can live together for the sake of co-parenting. Everyone just wants the same thing: to live happily ever after. And consumers of all races and ethnicities want to purchase products tailored to them.

Marketers must adjust to the new definition of family in their commercials, brochures, and advertisements in order to stay relevant. When entering a new market, they must also adjust to the new cultures that will be exposed to their products and services. A good marketer will always remember that “Marketing is actually a cultural activity…the control of cultural messages” (Medium, 2017).

And if they don’t adjust to any of it? It can cost them.

The Importance of Language

Both language and culture are important when marketing anywhere in the world. According to Joinville, “Native language messages tend to be more emotionally perceived than messages in a foreign language. Meaning, if you try to communicate or sell something to someone whose native tongue is different from yours, it will be better received when you use the same language as their native tongue.”

Even if a high percentage of your client base speaks some English, you’re better off using their native language in your marketing. People feel more comfortable researching products and making a purchase in the language that they understand. In fact, SiteProNews reports that “nearly 75 percent of Internet users prefer not to make important purchasing decisions unless the information about the product is presented in their native language.”

The Right Translations to Serve You Better

If your business is travel and tourism, you might cater to clients who live locally, but come from (and are going to) different parts of the world. Your guides, press kits, and websites must be geared toward anyone and everyone who uses your services. Providing the best information possible, even if you have to provide it in multiple languages, puts you ahead in your market.

No matter what business you’re in, cultural diversity matters. The right materials and the right translations are essential to keep building your consumer base. Your marketing translations can make the difference in how your business runs by keeping you relevant and up-to-date no matter where your business is located or where your client base lives.

Our translators know the language, the culture, and the industries to which they’re assigned. For help with marketing translations that meet your company’s cultural and language needs, contact us to get a free quote today.


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