For Business Websites, Translation Is a Keystone of Success

The Internet has changed a lot about how people interact and even do business with one another. On the one hand, it’s made accessibility much easier, which has created a glut of negativity and criticism in places like social media. On the other hand, the connectivity of the Internet has now made it possible for [...]

Which Businesses Get the Most Out of Translations?

Being able to communicate in other languages is always an advantage, but for some businesses, the ability to relay information in multiple languages can be either a huge competitive edge or a vital necessity. So which businesses do benefit from this? How can accurate, reliable translation help boost business operations and grow the customer base? [...]

Healthcare and Translation

The healthcare industry has many different facets, each one interconnected to others in various ways. From pharmaceutical companies to the drugstores where consumers buy medications to the medical facilities that diagnose patients and prescribe those drugs, each part of the healthcare world has to work properly and work alongside the others in order to actually [...]

Content and Context in Translation

Everyone involved in online marketing—and even just online business these days—knows that content is king. It’s a saying that is inescapable in its prevalence and its accuracy. Content really is king. But with the Internet and social media making it possible for businesses to reach a global market, translation becomes important too—and when it comes [...]

The Growing Challenge of Good Communication—And Its Importance

Communication has always been a vital part of humanity. From the dawn of time until now, communication has driven our growth and advancement in every area. But today, it’s cultural differences that can impact your business in a huge way. Whether it’s a minor translation error or a cultural faux pas, professional connections can be [...]

The Heavy Cost of Translation Errors

Translation is something that many businesses and professionals today have to focus their attention on. Whether you’re trying to attract international customers, forge a relationship and partnership with another business, collaborate, or something else, it’s vital that you take the time to make sure that you properly translate all communications. The importance of using an [...]