The Latest Translation Goofs: The Japanese Metro

In the middle of March, the BBC reported that “Osaka's metro network has shut down its foreign language sites after users noticed some odd translations.” Apparently, people began noticing strange names for the rail lines and stations as listed in the BBC article: •         The Sakaisuji line became the “Sakai muscle” •         Dobutsuen-mae station became [...]

Good Communication Makes Good Business

HR specialist John Crowley writes that “cultural differences can cause professional misunderstandings…it’s actually one of the biggest challenges for international HR.” With more diversity in the workplace than ever before, HR specialists have their work cut out for them. Getting Everyone on the Same Page  Communication is of vast importance in any business, but it’s [...]

Is It French French or Canadian French?

Does your business need French translation? If the answer is yes, our next question might be, what type of French are you looking for? No two languages are exactly the same, no matter how close they might sound. Even if they originated in the same location, there are differences that can change the entire context [...]

Translation is a Gender Fluid World

The world is changing, and people’s understanding is changing right along with it. It’s a non-binary world, with more than just “her and him” living in it. A person who is non-binary “may identify as gender fluid, agender (without gender), off the binary, or something else entirely” (verywellmind). As Medium describes gender fluidity, “Instead of [...]

Prepare at a Young Age for a Future in Translation

“Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often-forgotten instruments that make it possible for different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part of the world, live in one world.” – Paul Auster  Translation is a job like no other. It links worlds and [...]

4 Romantic Languages to Celebrate Love in the Spring

Last month we looked at different Valentine’s Day traditions around the world. Although Valentine’s Day is over, spring is on the way (we hope!). Springtime is often associated with renewal, rebirth and a chance to find love. Frank Bronson, a biologist from the University of Texas, reports that “Spring fever in mammals is regulated by [...]