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234 million

people speak Portuguese


most spoken language in the world

10 countries

have Portuguese as an official language

History of the Language: Translation into Brazilian Portuguese

There are several differences between Brazilian Portuguese and the Portuguese spoken in other locations, such as how words are pronounced. This distinction between Portuguese dialects is explained by the geographical proximity of certain countries to Europe, which has resulted in an evolution of the language. Portuguese colonialism, of course, drove this transformation. Brazilian Portuguese, on the other hand, has developed on its own, on its own territory. This dialect is derived from Portuguese and is the most widely used in Brazil. It is spoken by 200 million people, including two million Brazilian immigrants all over the world, most of them living in the United States, Japan, Paraguay, but also in Europe, including Portugal.

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Specific Features of Brazilian Portuguese

The degree of difference between Portuguese dialects remains a controversial issue. Standard Brazilian Portuguese is different from the Portuguese used in Europe in written form, including differences in spelling, vocabulary and grammar. A major aspect is related to words containing a c and a p followed by c, ç, or t. In many cases, the letters c or p have become silent. As a result, these letters have disappeared in Brazilian Portuguese. Another difference occurs in the use of the letters ô and ê in Brazilian Portuguese whereas European Portuguese uses the letters ó and é.

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