File alignment

Terminology-related task that involves comparing a previously translated source file and the corresponding translation side-by-side, in order to determine which sentence matches which translation and incorporating these matches in the client’s translation memory. Alignment is carried out automatically by a software tool but must be verified manually.


We understand the importance of not changing the tags included in your files. We will lock them for you prior to translation. The revision phase ensures that your translation meets your expectations.


This is a client-focused initiative that offers clients all the reassurances they are entitled to expect from a supplier, in terms of responsiveness, reliability, confidentiality, professionalism, and, of course, quality of the service provided. The certification scheme, which is more rigorous than standard EN 15038, has been drawn up in partnership with the French organization “Bureau Veritas Certification.” Our company was one of the first translation companies to take part in the initiative, which is a perfect fit for our values and our methodology. ITC became certified in May 2013.

Quality Control

This involves : verifying that the translation is compliant, by comparing the source and target documents verifying that the layout, formatting and structure are consistent between the source and target documents, that the paragraphs are in the right order, that numbers, dates, proper names,match, etc. verifying that headers and footers are consistent, ensuring that non-editable text that needs to be translated is delivered in its entirety (in a separate bilingual Word document), that any tables are fully translated, etc. verifying consistent terminology if there are repetitions within the documents, or if there is terminology available in the glossary or translation memory checking spelling, grammar, syntax checking line breaks, capitalization vérifier que les instructions ont été entièrement suivies.

Audio files

Patient interviews, other interviews, over-the-phone marketing surveys, etc.

Translation deadline

Our deadlines are calculated based on 1,500 translated AND proofread words per day. ITC is able to call upon ad hoc teams to meet your requests for urgent and high-volume projects.

Video files

Web content, promotional videos, serious games, e-learning, etc.

Confidentiality agreement

Also known as a “secrecy agreement”, “non-disclosure agreement” the purpose of a “confidentiality agreement” is to protect the confidentiality of the information given to a business partner. The translators in our network and all members of our internal team have signed a confidentiality agreement to protect your sensitive data and information.

Project sheet

You may need to provide us with special instructions for your project. The document known as a “Project Sheet” allows you to specify all the various elements that are included in the file(s) you send us. Clients send us their Project Sheet by email along with the source file, allowing us to draw up our quote in accordance with the client’s requirements and then to pass the client’s instructions to the translation team once the estimate has been accepted. By completing the Project Sheet, you are helping us provide the highest quality translation within the shortest possible deadline.

File formats

Whatever the file format (Word, PowerPoint, Html, Xml, PDF, AutoCAD, Idml, QuarXpress, and more), ITC has the right solutions to provide you with the layout you expect.


A glossary is a collection of terms, sometimes accompanied by their definitions. Glossaries are related to a specific field and contain specific technical terms. Our glossaries are bilingual: source language and target language.

Source language

Language in which the text to be translated is written.

Native language

The translators in our network translate exclusively into their native language, which is the language of their cultural identity.

Working languages

Each translator works into and out of a specific language pair. This language pair is the translator’s native language (target language) and an active language (source language), which the translator has fully mastered.

Software localization

This involves translating the user interface of a software application from one language into another and adapting the software to the target culture.

Translation memory

A translation memory is a database that contains segments of text and their equivalent in a different language. It is used to store sentence segments for reuse in future translations.

Computer-assisted translation tools

These are NOT software solutions that translate! They are solutions that help linguists provide better consistency in terminology and style, by making it easier to draw on content that has been translated previously.


Desk-top publishing: Desk-top publishing uses specialized software, similar to regular word-processing programs but with a particular focus on the layout of text and images on the page. ITC can format your documents in any language you require. The final layout is verified by linguists in order to identify any forgotten elements, check line breaks, fonts, etc.

Price by the word

Our estimates are based on the number of words to be translated, multiplied by a per-word price. This price varies according to the language pair, the specifics for the project, the volume to be translated, the final quality level requested, and the deadline.

Industrial property

ITC regularly translates documents relating to industrial property. Our teams have a perfect understanding of the specific nature of these texts. Translations must be entirely faithful to the source, with no room for misunderstandings.


Correcting spelling and grammar, correcting errors in meaning, ensuring consistent terminology. The revision stage is included in our “Pro” and “Expert” levels.


A segment corresponds to a sentence or heading.


All of the terms, and corresponding definitions, that are specific to a particular field of activity or a particular company. In addition to terminology for a specific industry, our clients may have their own “in-house” terminology that must be implemented and followed. Our dedicated glossaries ensure that this type of terminology is strictly followed.

Certified translation

A certified translation is one that is recognized as official, and has been completed by a sworn translator who is accredited by a court of appeal.

Patent translation

ITC assigns translators with specific experience in patent translation. Our translations comply with the conventions of the target market in terms of registering patents.

Native-speaking translator

Translator who translates into his or her native language.

Specialized translator

The translators in our network work exclusively or primarily in a specific area of expertise. For example: technical translator, financial translator, legal translator, scientific translator, biomedical and pharmaceutical translator, etc.


Transcription involves using word processing software to type out speech recorded on digital audio files. Transcription can be carried out for audio or video media.


Transcreation involves completely rewriting a text in a foreign language. For this service, we assign qualified linguists who are experts in creative translation and are accustomed to following specific instructions.