As a translation company based in France, Canada and the United States, ITC Translations promotes linguistic diversity. As Hungarian is one of the official languages of the European Union, ITC has qualified Hungarian linguists among our translators to meet your translation needs from or into Hungarian in all fields, including legal, medical, marketing or technical.

14 million

people have Hungarian as their mother tongue

14 vowels

are included in the Hungarian alphabet

44 letters

make up the longest word “megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért”

History of the Language: Translation into Hungarian

Hungarian is spoken by approximately 14 million people in Hungary, Romania, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, Australia and Israel. Hungarian is one of the Uralic languages and drew inspiration from Slavic, Latin and German, among others.

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Specific Features of the Hungarian Language

Hungarian differs from other European languages: for example, Hungarian grammar is very different as there are no masculine and feminine genders, the first letter of many words is not capitalized (unlike English for example), and the word order of a sentence does not follow a fixed grammatical structure. It is, however, a rich agglutinative language with many synonyms.