Why choose our audio and video production services?

ITC Translations offers turnkey solutions for localizing your audio and video projects, as well as all your multimedia productions. From voice-over to dubbing and subtitling, our experienced teams will manage your multilingual projects while staying within your budget and delivery deadlines.



Recording international versions of corporate videos, telephone messages, GPS navigation systems, TV advertisements, video games, e-learning software, etc. We have experience in working with multiple languages and managing several different voice actors for each project. We adapt the audio to the video or slideshow. If you wish, we can split the audio into several different files, which will be renamed. We will apply the compression that you require.


Dubbed versions in multiple languages with lip sync and post-synchronization. The actors are professionals who do more than simply give the characters and participants in a video a voice. They also faithfully and accurately convey the emotion and nuances that are part of the dialogue.

A TALENT POOL OF MORE THAN 1000 VOICES ACTORS IN 50 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: Between 10 and 40 actors in language, even in rare languages! Local linguistic variations are taken into account.


Quick, accurate and reliable subtitling services in many different languages and multiple formats, including .xml and .srt. Our teams ensure that the subtitles and audio description are perfectly executed in all existing alphabets: Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, etc. Particular attention is paid to special characters such as those used in Chinese and Japanese.


Video recording, editing and encoding in all formats and delivery for all broadcasting formats: from television to YouTube. We create and produce animation to match your ideas and your storyboard. You can rely on our multilingual teams to adapt or encode your videos according to the desired format or the target audience.


Your foreign customers have access to a multilingual website. We can also design social network campaigns using languages, architecture and CMS such as WordPress, PHP, RAILS, etc. The success of your website does not depend solely on attractive design and layout. It also relies on captivating and high-quality content that we can provide with audio, video and animations to tie in with the image you want your site to convey.

The ITC advantages

Our partner has 8 acoustically-insulated recording and post-production studios located in Lyon (France) and Guayaquil (Ecuador). We also have access to partner studios in China, South Korea, Brazil and Poland. The artistic directors we work with have been trained in inspiring and directing voice-over talent. They ensure that the actors interpret the script according to the client’s instructions. The recordings are checked by native speakers of the language in question.

Sound engineers and video editors guarantee that the audio and video files we deliver to you are of the highest quality. All our actors have proven experience in radio, television, theatre and, of course, in voice-over. They are authentic native speakers and have in-depth knowledge and a flawless command of their language. These talented individuals are committed to providing professional, high-quality work within your budget and deadlines. Contact us for more info about our video transcription services!


Software: Protools HD 10 Mac Os, VoiceQ, SoundForge 9, FinalCut Pro 7 (Suite), Adobe Suite CS.

Equipment: Studios with Digidesign Protools HD1, Digidesign 192 I/O, Digidesign Command 8, Avid Mojo, Digidesign Sync, Apple Mac PRO.

Microphones / Preamplifiers / Monitors: Neumann U87 AI, Neumann TLM 103, Studio Projects Avalon Vt 737sp, Millenia STT-1.