From Nov 4 – 7, ITC team members from France, the USA and Canada came together at the American Translators Association (ATA) conference in Miami. Traveling the furthest were Armelle Derne and Luc Gonachon from the French office, while for USA-based staff, the journey was a quick 90 minutes from the ITC office in Jupiter.

The ATA conference is always the most important international gathering of language professionals each year, and the 2015 conference, with more than 1,600 attendees from 52 countries, was no exception. Over the course of three days, ITC managers and linguists attended educational sessions on topics ranging from terminology management to using Internet resources for research to understanding the latest translation tool plug-ins. These conference sessions gave us a valuable opportunity to learn about industry trends from true experts, and take what we learned back to the three ITC branches with a view to continuously improving in our processes.

Besides attending presentations by other translation companies, technology experts and linguists, ITC also gave a presentation on a topic that is an important part of our operations: “Translator Satisfaction Surveys for Language Service Providers: The Path to a Happy Translator”. During the 60-minute session, ITC founder and president Céline Imbaud, linguistic resources coordinator Lea Stancavich and in-house translator Sarah Puchner explained how ITC Global Translations creates and uses an annual survey to monitor our relationship with freelance translators.

The session was well attended by a mixed group of translation companies and freelance translators, and judging by the feedback and questions we received, everyone in the audience came away with some new ideas. The presentation ended with a contest: attendees were asked to guess how many employees ITC has in all 3 offices (read on for the answer…).

One of ITC’s goals in being present at the ATA conference was to meet current and potential translators. To this end, we hosted a cocktail party in the evening after the presentation. This was a chance for us to meet our language partners face to face, and also allowed our employees from all three offices to discuss what we had learned in person, rather than via a video link.

After three days of education and networking, the ITC team members went their separate ways and headed back to Jupiter, Montreal and Lyon. There is no doubt that the level of expertise at the ATA conference inspired us to continue to strive for excellence in an industry that puts human talent and innovative technology to work for the benefit of our clients.