As the precursor to pharmacogenetics (also called personalized medicine) it’s no wonder that biotherapeutics are at the forefront of the pharmaceutical world. Biologic License Applications (BLAs) have been steadily rising around the world and many of the new developments within pharmaceuticals have been along this branch of the field. As biotherapeutics have become more popular the need for qualified biotherapeutics translators has increased as well.

As an innovative translation company, ITC Global Translations took notice of this trend when it first started. We’ve since hired professional biotherapeutics translators from around the world to offer these services to our clients and, over this time, have had the opportunity to produce a range of professional translations for global biotherapeutics companies.

In Biotherapeutics Clear Communication is a Top Priority

Without clear communication among all parties, a field like biotherapeutics can’t thrive, or even survive. There are many different players involved in the development of a new biologic from the company itself, to the scientists and project managers running the clinical trials, to the regulatory bodies who will hopefully approve the drug. In the majority of cases, these individuals are located throughout the world. As a result, they require experienced, multilingual translators to allow them to communicate clearly with each other at all times so they can bring the drug to market successfully. Even after the drug is approved and on store shelves translation and localization services are required to promote clear communication to the patients, physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies the drug manufacturers hope to work with. Content like product marketing materials, physician, pharmacist, and patient education tools, and insurance approvals must be accurately translated in order for the drug to be safely prescribed and used wherever it’s needed. It’s simply a fact that when all involved in the development and use of a biotherapeutic are able to communicate clearly regardless of their language of origin, amazing things are going to happen; and hiring a professional translation company like ITC Global Translations is exactly what you need to get there.

Specialized Translations Require Experienced Translators

When translating content from a field as fast paced and technical as biotherapeutics, you’ve got to use experienced translators. These types of specialized translations will be lost on a general translator no matter what tools are at their disposal. Only translators with direct experience in the niche they’re working within can provide accurately translated and localized media.

This reality is even more evident with advanced material like that produced in the biotherapeutics field. It’s because of this fact that ITC Global Translations will only assign your content to a translator experienced in the language and the field at hand. This recipe is the only way to produce biotherapeutic translations that will do your product justice and help take it to the next level.

Advanced Translation Tools Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

As with all areas of society today, the advances in technology that have occurred over the last 20 years have greatly improved translation tools and equipment. With the translation technology available today our staff is able to offer translation and localization services with better accuracy for less cost to our clients. Between our computer assisted translation tools and our machine translation tools ITC Global translations has access to a combination of resources that inform our translations in a unique way that’s particularly important for technical material like bio therapeutics translations.

Not only that, these tools allow us to be as efficient as possible so we can deliver your translations on time every time. This level of efficiency also means lower costs for our clients even though they’re still receiving the high quality, professional biotherapeutics translations they need for their product to make it to the market successfully.

One Translation Company That Can Meet Every Demand

Because biotherapeutics is a global field the demands for translations are high and ITC Global Translations is prepared to meet them all. We’re a multilingual translation company and partner with translators based around the world who are proficient in over 75 languages. This means you can have your content translated into all the languages you need by one company.

To further the convenience of working with ITC Global Translations we also have experience with translations for a range of different types of biotherapeutics content including

  • Research Notes
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Patents
  • Dossiers
  • Website Content
  • Newsletters
  • Patient Information Forms
  • Physician Reporting Tools
  • Product Inserts
  • Promotional Materials

Improved continuity of your material, and lower costs for your translations are among the many benefits of working with one translation and localization company that can translate all your content for each area where you’re working. Using one translation company to meet all of your needs also means you’re covered if your product goes through any changes or you require revisions down the line for any other reason. Your glossaries and translation memories for all of your projects were created by ITC Global Translations and can be accessed whenever you need them.

Always Entrust Your Biotherapeutic Translations to a Professional Translation Company

Considering the nature of much of the material biotherapeutic companies need translated, it’s important to always choose a professional translation company. Data must be kept confidential, and translations must be accurate or there could be dire consequences. ITC Global Translations maintains the same strict standards with your data that you would because we’re experienced in the industry and we understand it’s unique needs. So don’t settle, only entrust your biotherapeutic translations to a professional translation company like ITC Global Translations