The biotech field has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade to occupy a thriving global marketplace. Given this, it’s essential for all biotech firms to work with a translation and localization company that is experienced in the field so they’ll receive accurate, reliable translations of their material in any language, for any type of media. Whether the material is for research and development, clinical trials, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, or sales and marketing biotech translation and localization services can help companies in a variety of different ways.

Some of the types of material biotechnology companies will need to have translated include:

  • Patents
  • Scientific Publications
  • Informed Consent and Case Report Forms
  • Health and Safety Manuals
  • Product Approval Packets for Various Regulatory Agencies
  • Product Websites
  • Promotional Materials

Many of these are very technical, specialized pieces. As such, this material requires services from a translation company that has access to individuals experienced in the biotech field and its own unique language. ITC works with over 1,500 professional translators with expertise in a range of different subject areas including biotechnology. With this in mind, we assign projects not only based on language proficiency but also on areas of expertise. We’ll never give a tourist translator a biotech project or vice versa. Each industry has its own nuances and they can only be picked up and understood by experienced translators. ITC understands this and we’ve structured our translation company as such in order to give all of our clients the best service possible.

Biotechnology and Localization

For biotech products to enjoy full success, good translation isn’t the only thing that’s important. Localization of the project at all levels and to each community is of primary importance. Healthcare is very personal and cultural sensitivity must be maintained at every turn or patients simply won’t join the trial or use the product. However, by using localization services, biotechnology companies can avoid these types of pitfalls. Localization comes into play with regard to documents for the regulatory bodies as well. If the material is insensitive or inaccurate based on area customs and social milieus then it’s likely to be poorly received; even to the point of rejection by the regulatory entity. When you take the time to use biotechnology localization services they can customize your dossiers, labeling, adverse event reports, and other documents to each country where you’re seeking approval to give the product the best chance of success

Custom Translation and Localization Services

Because our network of experienced translators is so wide we can provide custom biotechnology translations and localization in any language that’s needed including:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Swedish.

Our biotech translators are also experienced in the industry. With this combination as well as dedicated linguistics coordinators, cutting edge quality assurance tools, and highly qualified project managers ITC has had the opportunity to provide custom translation and localization services to a range of biotechnology companies with 100% satisfaction.

Full Service Translation Company

Because Biotechnology is such a large field, translation is often required for a variety of media types. ITC is a full service translation company and equipped with the latest technology and expertise to translate not just documents, but also software, web content, and promotional materials. There’s no need to search around for several different translation companies. Avoid the hassle and the problems that could potentially result and choose a full service translation company like ITC that can maintain continuity throughout your entire project instead.

Up to Date Biotechnology Translations

Biotechnology is a field where there are new discoveries on a regular basis, with new language to go with them. ITC has three inhouse linguists who focus solely on keeping each client’s glossaries and translation memories up to date. Using this process allows us to provide you with a level of accuracy that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. In addition, you’re also able to personally adjust and update your glossary and translation memory so we’re sure to always use your preferred terms in every translation service we provide to your biotech company.

Biotech Translations and Localization for Every Project Phase

ITC has the tools required to provide superior translation and localization services at each stage of biotech product creation.

Research and Development

Documents like patents, scientific studies and reports, technical data sheets, and other types of information that are used in the research and development phase will require translation both for use during the R&D phase as well as for the regulatory agencies.

Clinical Trials

The clinical trial phase requires properly translated and localized websites targeting participants along with documents like instructions, patient report forms, and physician documentation materials.

Regulatory Submissions

Using a company like ITC that provides experienced biotechnology translation services will allow your submissions to speak to each regulatory body correctly giving the product a much better chance at approval.


Health and safety manuals, product inserts, packaging information and instructions will all need to be translated during this stage. These important documents must be error free so the products can be used properly.

Sales and Marketing

Depending on the product there will be a range of content that will need translation and localization. Patient brochures, physician contact sheets, advertisements, and other marketing materials will be more effective when they’re reviewed by an experienced biotechnology translation company. Experience is a Must for Biotech Translations Choosing translation and localization services from the right company will help ensure the success of your venture. ITC has the experience in biotechnology translation projects and localization services required in this fast paced field and, as such, is poised to produce the type of results your biotech firm deserves.