Everyone wants their children to grow up healthy, and global childhood health initiatives are a large part of spreading this opportunity to raise healthy children across the world. Whether it’s a campaign to encourage proper nutrition among children, a new procedure to treat a childhood disease, the development of a new medical device to encourage healing after childhood trauma, or an initiative to address teen drinking, there is usually a worldwide team of experts generating the material who are hoping to reach a global audience. With this in mind ITC Global Translations has become experienced in professional childhood health translation and localization services so we can help you share your information with as many families as possible

Culturally Meaningful Translation and Localization Services

The childhood health field is filled with important information that parents and children can benefit and learn from. In order to share this information with as wide an audience as possible it must be translated and localized to each area for it to be culturally meaningful. While childhood health translation services address your use of words in your work, localization services will review the meaning you’re conveying with your choice of words and graphics.

Each culture will interpret your visual imagery differently and everything must be in sync for doctors, researchers, parents, insurance providers, and all the others involved to find your childhood health information relevant. The experienced childhood health translators at ITC Global Translations will review your content to make sure that you and your audience understand the message the same way. Then you can share your materials with confidence.

Experienced Childhood Health Translators

In order to get the level of interest and comprehension your content requires you’ve got to use experienced childhood health translators. At ITC Global Translations we work with 1,500 specialized translators to ensure that the individuals assigned to your project are not only skilled in the language but also in the field of childhood health. We know this is the only way for your childhood health translations to maintain the level of accuracy they deserve and have designed our translation process with these requirements in mind.At the same time our global network of childhood health translators are skilled in 75 different languages. We’ve got access to experienced childhood health translators who can translate your content into

The fact that we maintain working relationships with this wide range of professional, multilingual translators means that when you work with ITC Global Translations, your childhood health content can always be translated by an individual experienced in the language and the field no matter when your deadline or how technical the material may be.

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Canadian French
  • French
  • Icelandic
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

A Specialized Field Needs a Cutting Edge Translation Company

Any field that works with children is often held to even higher standards than their adult counterparts. As such, the childhood health field needs a cutting edge translation company like ITC Global Translations that understands this reality. In order to meet the high demands of this specialized field, we work with experienced childhood health translators that understand your need for accurate and timely translations of all your specialized content.

Our diligent, in house linguists take this a step further and bring a highly educated eye to all your glossaries and translation memories so each and every translation that ITC Global Translations produces for you is spot on. Add to that our consistent use of the most up to date translation tools and it’s easy to see why ITC Global Translations is the childhood health translation company you need for all your specialized content.

Mobile Content Translations Designed to Reach Busy Families


ITC Global Translations has been on the front lines of the translation industry since we started our company 15 years ago. Over this time we’ve amassed the experience in childhood health mobile translations that you need to reach as many busy families as possible with your campaign.

More and more people around the world are tapping into the internet through mobile devices. Although this technology is still being understood, with the help of an experienced mobile content translations company like ITC Global Translations, you can participate in this new and exciting information sharing trend and use it to further advance your childhood health project at all levels.

Translation and Localization Services for Any Type of Childhood Health Project Because we’re skilled in medical translations as well as many other types of multilingual translations, we can provide the wide variety of types of childhood health translations your project might demand. Our highly experienced childhood health translators can translate

  • Research Documents
  • Medical Device Protocols
  • Physician Education Materials
  • Notes and Meeting Minutes
  • Informational Videos
  • Patient Information
  • Website Content
  • Print Campaigns
  • Television Ads
  • Product Inserts
  • Labeling
  • Promotional Materials

Since we have experience in the field, we understand there are unique demands on childhood health content. ITC Global Translations has the resources to meet these needs and ensure your childhood health translations are always accurately received by your audience wherever they live around the world no matter what type of specialized content you may need translated.

One Translation Company to Meet All Your Needs

As you can see ITC Global Translations is a flexible translation company that’s prepared to meet all of your needs. No matter what type of childhood health translations you need or what language you need them in, we’ve got the unique combination of resources required to provide the professional childhood health translations you can trust to represent your company at every turn.