Cosmetic medicine is a constantly growing field with a high consumer demand for new treatments and procedures. With it’s roots in France in the 1970s, cosmetic medicine quickly spread across Europe and into the United States. Today, there are a range of different players from around the world working within the cosmetic medicine field; all of whom need to communicate effectively with each other and the patients using their treatments. Enter cosmetic medicine translations.

An experienced translation company like ITC Global Translations is able to provide cosmetic medicine translation and localization services for any type of media. Whether it’s a scientific journal article about a new procedure, patient information forms, an advertisement for your latest product, or any other type of cosmetic medicine content, our professional translators can ensure you’re communicating effectively with your given audience wherever they’re located at all times.

ITC Global Translations can also provide you with cosmetic medicine translations in 75 languages from translators based around the world. These individuals have first hand experience with the language and the culture. They understand the local dialect, and can localize the content in a way that adds cultural understanding and sensitivity to the material.

Get All Your Cosmetic Medicine Translations from One Translation Company

Our global network of professional translators along with our experience with cosmetic medicine content means we can provide you with all the translations you need for your project. You’ll find that having the opportunity to use one translation company to translate and localize all of your content into the full range of languages you need provides a level of continuity to your translations that’s not possible otherwise. Not only that, it makes the translation process faster, easier, and more affordable at the same time.

Translators With Experience in Cosmetic Medicine

When you work with ITC Global Translations, we’ll assign your project to a translator with experience in cosmetic medicine. It’s not enough to have a translator that understands the language. For the most precise cosmetic medicine translations the individual translating the material must be accomplished in the field as well. This allows them to catch nuances and terminology that would be missed without this first hand knowledge of the material at hand.

The Advantage of Dedicated Linguists

In addition to our experienced translators, we structure our translation company to include several in house linguists as well. These individuals are assigned the incredibly important task of reviewing each client’s glossary and translation memories to be sure they’re accurate, up to date, and ready for use. Although not every translation company chooses to include dedicated linguists as part of their translation team, we’ve seen the difference it makes in the outcome of our translation and localization projects and value the unique expertise and oversight our linguists provide to each of our client’s content

State of the Art Translation Tools

To help our experienced translators, and highly trained linguists take the quality of your cosmetic medicine translations even further, we also employ the most up to date translation tools in the industry. Using these computer assisted translation tools, along with our machine translation tools helps us create glossaries and translation memories that require minimal editing and refinement in order to produce accurate translations in each language for all of your content.

We find that the specialized translation process we use at ITC Global Translations allows us to offer our clients a faster turn around time on translations as well as a lower final charge on all of our professional translation and localization services. As a result we’ve had the pleasure of serving many satisfied, repeat customers over the years and are pleased to be able to have the continued opportunity to expand our service reach.

Expert Mobile, Internet, and Video Translations

As technology continues to progress, more and more of our communication and collaboration occurs online. Mobile, internet, and video content is constantly being consumed by potential colleagues, funders, and clients worldwide. With this in mind it is essential that your online content is translated by expert cosmetic medicine translators in order for it to have maximum value for you as well as your visitors.

Not only that, web content must be properly localized for effective online engagement. Only those with a first hand understanding of the target area’s culture can truly share their understanding of imagery, color, and symbols and how it relates to your product’s web presence.

Your colleagues and patients are online and if you’re not communicating effectively with them there, you’ll lose them. ITC Global Translations has been at the forefront of mobile, internet and video translations since the beginning. As a result, we’re in a unique position to provide you with professional cosmetic medicine translations for all of your web content just as we would in any other type of media.

Translations for Any Cosmetic Medicine Project

ITC Global Translations has experience translating a wide variety of content from the medical field including cosmetic medicine. Our experienced translators are prepared to offer translations for

  • Research Articles
  • Meeting Notes
  • Regulatory Approval Packets
  • Physician Education Tools
  • Patient Forms
  • Advertisements
  • Web Content
  • Promotional Materials

No cosmetic medicine translation project is too large or small. We’re highly qualified and prepared to provide professional cosmetic medicine translation and localization services for your any type of content no matter how technical.

Only Trust the Best

The way your content is read represents you and your project. Make sure that all of your content is translated by a cosmetic medicine translation company like ITC Global Translations that has the expertise it takes to communicate effectively with your audience wherever they may be living around the world. This way, you can be sure you’re in step with your colleagues and clients so you’re all prepared to make the most of all the field of cosmetic medicine has to offer.