The field of oncology is working hard everyday to do all that it can to treat, and hopefully end cancer for good. Oncology research is one of the largest fields of medical research today with scientists and doctors worldwide working together on various cancer research projects at any one time.

With entire hospitals devoted to oncology throughout the world, cancer treatment is being performed on a global scale as well in order to help as many patients as possible. To facilitate communication among all the various parties involved throughout the oncology field, professional oncology translations are incredibly important.

Within the fast paced world of oncology research and treatment, inexperience won’t do. Whether you’re materials are for scientists, physicians, patients, pharmacists, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, or any other audience, working with a professional translation company like ITC Global Translations is essential for clear communication at all levels. This is because ITC GLobal Translations has access to cutting edge translation tools, a global network of professional translators, and dedicated linguists; which is the only way your oncology translations will be able to accurately communicate the often complex messages found in this dynamic field.

Remove Language Barriers With Professional Translation and Localization Services

Whether it’s communication among product researchers, oncology physicians, cancer patients or anyone else, professional oncology translation and localization services remove language barriers and facilitate clear communication across the field. As a result, treatments are discovered faster, cancer diagnoses are made earlier more reliably, patients feel less stress surrounding their treatments, and so much more; all because everyone understood each other. When your oncology content is professionally translated and localized each individual, no matter what language they speak or where they come from, is able to fully understand the others around them. Then, in the end, the entire field of oncology benefits.

Localization Services Result In Effective Oncology Materials

In addition to the actual words on the page, you’ll also need to be sure that your oncology materials are culturally sensitive and appropriate for your audience. This is what localization services are for. Oncology localization services from a professional translation company like ITC Global Translations provide you with an understanding of each culture’s use of color, symbolism, and imagery. This way you can be sure your materials have a culturally sensitive logo for example, or that you don’t include pictures on your mobile site that mean something to your audience other than what you intend them to.

Oncology localization services can also inform you as to the specialized needs of any given geographical area you may be working in. You’re essentially given a window into the customs and traditions of the area and, if used correctly, you may be led toward new specialized treatments and therapies that could benefit this community, and others like it. With experienced localization services from ITC Global Translations you’ll also be able to

  • Interpret research data more effectively since you can account for cultural differences within your findings.
  • Design physician education tools that are more accurate and informative for local oncology doctors.
  • Create patient forms and informational content that is easy for oncology patients and their families to understand.
  • Build a more successful marketing campaign filled with advertisements, oncology mobile content, and promotional items the community will respond to.

As you can see localization of your content is essential in order to secure the success of any oncology research project or treatment. Then you can be sure your materials are accurately communicating with each person using them.

Multilingual Translators

Our experienced global network of multilingual translators are prepared to offer you these professional oncology translation and localization services in a range of different languages. This makes your translation project much more convenient since you’ll only be working with ITC Global Translations throughout your entire project. As a multilingual translation company we’re also able to offer a more efficient process and, as a result, lower rates. Some of the 75 different languages we provide professional translations for include

  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Icelandic
  • Canadian French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Greek
  • Turkish

Our translators are based within these communities too for an up to date translation glossary that includes the most recent developments in the dialect of the local area to further enhance the quality of the translation and localization services we’re able to provide to our clients.

Flexible Translation Company

At ITC Global Translations we pride ourselves on being a flexible translation company. As such, we’re prepared to offer you any type of oncology translations in all the languages you need. This way, you don’t have to waste time and money running from one translation company to another to get each of your oncology materials translated. Instead, ITC Global Translations can do it all for you. We can translate

  • Research Materials
  • Funding Proposals
  • Regulatory Dossiers
  • Patent Paperwork
  • Physician Reporting Tools
  • Instructional Videos
  • Mobile Content
  • Patient Information
  • Hospital Protocols
  • Manufacturing Instructions
  • Promotional Materials
  • Labeling Information

All of these documents and more can be translated and localized by our professional oncology translators so you can rest assured each of your materials is run through the same strict translation process and delivered with the same accuracy and efficiency as all of the other work performed by ITC Global Translations.

Experienced Oncology Translators

When you choose ITC Global Translations, we’ll assign your content to a translator that’s experienced in the language of the area and oncology. Given the fact that oncology is a constantly evolving, high tech field, oncology translations require an expertise within the field to fully ensure their accuracy. It’s for this reason that ITC Global Translations instituted our unique approach to translations and require our oncology translators to have each of these important qualifications before they begin work on your project. There’s no other way to bring the level of precision to your oncology translations that’s required and ITC Global Translations has the experience to understand this. To learn more about our experienced oncology translators, the translation and localization services we provide, our translation company’s past experience, or anything else about ITC Global Translations and how we can help you with your content, please contact us today.