Bringing a new drug to market is no easy task. From the preclinicalitc-pharmaceuticals stage to sales and marketing accurate information exchange between the many parties involved is vital. Today, the majority of pharmaceuticals are created and used around the world making the need for clear communication during all stages of drug development even more important. As this shift has come about, pharmaceutical translation and localization services have begun to play an ever growing role within the industry.

With the help of experienced pharmaceutical translators:

  • Scientists running studies in different countries can communicate effectively and share their results with each other as well as the pharmaceutical company.
  • Patients are able to understand their role in the study, what symptoms to watch for, and the forms they’re given.
  • Doctors can work together across the globe, share data easily, and safely prescribe the drug to their patients.
  • The marketing department can create literature, sales pitches, and web content that’s culturally sensitive and informative in each geographic area.

Translation and localization services can also ensure that the drug is reviewed by the various country’s regulatory agencies without issue. If the regulators can’t understand the data then there could be delays or, worse, the drug may not get approved at all.

ITC Global Translations links drug companies with our experienced pharmaceutical translators who have demonstrated both proficiency in the language and the field. We understand that a translator with no pharmaceutical experience wouldn’t understand the technical verbiage contained in the majority of documents, and would miss many of the nuances within the pharmaceutical content they’re translating. Instead, our pharmaceutical translators have a deep understanding of the industry as well as the language to help inform their translations and increase their accuracy.

Localization Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

In addition to pharmaceutical translations, localization of the content is essential. Localization services will help the drug appeal to each unique market it’s being developed and sold in by avoiding any cultural taboos that may be present and addressing the special needs of each population in the target area. It will also ensure the pharmaceutical’s safe use and viability in all markets once released.

Translation and Localization for Every Stage

During each stage of drug development clear communication between all parties is tantamount to the drug’s success. Experienced pharmaceutical translators can provide valuable services to companies throughout the entire process to facilitate the high level of collaboration that must be maintained at every level. Some of the services a translation company can provide within each stage of drug development include:

The Preclinical Phase

Case report forms, data sheets and more will need to be translated to help determine the pharmaceutical’s safety for human use and whether or not the drug can move forward to the next stage.

Clinical Trials

Patient communication and documentation forms including questionnaires, informed consent forms, and personal information data, along with physician protocols and notes, are only a few of the forms that must be localized and translated in the clinical trials phase.

Regulatory Approval

All packets for regulatory approval require accurate pharmaceutical translation and localization services or the applications could be delayed or even rejected.


Website content, brochures, promotional materials, and advertisements are some of the content that will need translation and localization services during the marketing phase of pharmaceutical development.


Once the drug is on the market, product inserts, manuals, and labels are among the items that should be translated and localized to ensure that the drug is prescribed and used safely.

Experienced Pharmaceutical Translations Save Money

Hiring an experienced translation company like ITC Global Translations can help pharmaceutical companies save money in a range of ways. For example, if research and development teams can’t communicate effectively time is lost and, in some instances, so is the opportunity to discover a “breakthrough” drug from their findings.

long these same lines if regulatory approval is delayed or denied for a drug, this can cost the pharma company a great deal and even reduce the drug’s competitiveness once released due to other related pharmaceuticals arriving to the market first. In addition, physician education and patient safety are two other areas where experienced translation services can also save pharmaceutical companies time and money.

Access to Translators in 75 Different Languages

Since pharmaceuticals are developed and used globally, documents often need to be translated into more than one language. Choosing one company like ITC Global Translations that has the capability to translate and localize all of the material for each geographic area you’re working in brings many benefits. Overall, the continuity of your translations is increased, which in turn furthers your content’s accuracy, as well as saves time and money. Some of the most popular languages used in pharmaceutical translations by ITC Global Translations include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Icelandic
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Swedish

Customized Pharmaceutical Translations

Considering the specialized terminology and all of the important data involved in pharmaceutical documents, translations can become very technical. With the help of our in-house linguists, up to date glossaries, translation memory, and other cutting edge tools, our experienced translators provide clients with custom pharmaceutical translations that require fewer revisions, at a faster rate, and for less cost.

Choosing the Right Translation Company Makes a Difference

Selecting the right pharmaceutical translation company can make all the difference for any type of drug campaign. Trusting your confidential documents and data to just anyone won’t do in the pharmaceutical industry. When you choose ITC Global Translations you can be sure the translation and localization services you receive will be professional and accurate at every stage to help your drug get out of the lab and onto the shelves as planned