Good public health involves the entire global community, but it can be difficult to meet the industry’s growing need for multilingual health care information. To bridge the language and cultural barriers that are inherent within the public health field, translation and localization services from experienced public health translators must be in place. Whether you’re trying to help a global team of researchers communicate, recording a public service announcement, or working with patient groups around the world, professional public health translation and localization of all the content used will allow everyone, no matter where in the world they’re based, to interact seamlessly and facilitate the long term success of project.

Clear communication is always important. When it involves the health and welfare of entire communities, clear communication among all parties becomes absolutely essential. It may even mean life or death! ITC Global Translations has the experience in the public health sector to grasp the importance of this and we’re prepared to help you make sure that your public health materials are translated effectively so that they’re easy to understand by those who need them no matter how technical the content may be.

Our wide range of experience in translation and localization services puts us in an ideal position to translate the wide range of different types of public health content that must be shared. From technical research papers written by public health officials to concise, culturally sensitive patient brochures we have the personnel and the translation tools necessary to ensure your public health translations are accurate and delivered on time.

The Value of Experienced Public Health Translators

At ITC Global Translations we’ve been in business long enough to know that experience matters. The individual assigned to your project will be experienced not only in the language but also the field of public health. When our translators approach a project from this unique skill set, your translations instantly improve. The translator is able to provide increased accuracy to their public health translations because they have such a strong core knowledge base from which to operate. While, at the same time, the translator can produce them with greater ease making the translations take less time to produce and cost less as well.

Professional Localization Services Help Remove Communication Barriers

When trying to engage a global population for a public health initiative or open channels of communication between researchers and public health officials based around the world, professional localization services are invaluable. You can’t afford to scare off potential patients with information that could be culturally inappropriate or risk a miscommunication on a study because one research team wasn’t clearly interpreting what the other meant. Investing in professional localization services helps avoid these issues and more and allows you to be sure you’re reaching your target audience effectively.

The public health translators we work with at ITC Global Translations are immersed in the culture as well as the language because they live in the area. They know the current trends and specialized verbiage that penetrates the local public health sector and the community at large. As a result they’re able to localize your content from a perspective that will assure your public health translations are communicating with everyone exactly the way you’re intending them to.

A Translation Company That Can Manage it All

One translation company like ITC Global Translations that has access to a worldwide network of experienced public health translators can take any type of content you may have and translate it accurately no matter which languages are involved. We have translators skilled in

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Icelandic
  • Ukrainian

Our translators represent 75 languages and they’re experienced enough to translate and localize all your public health content for each population you’re targeting. With one translation company working on your project your translations will have more continuity which in turn will give them an improved level of accuracy while also saving you money on your public health project.

Mobile Translations for Public Health

There are many ways that the public health sector can leverage the popularity of mobile devices to further their work. More and more people around the world are connected to the internet especially via mobile devices. To reach them you’ve got to maintain an online presence and create content and apps that engage your target audience.

That said, the online content you use must be properly translated and localized in order to have maximum effectiveness. ITC Global Translations is experienced in providing mobile public health translations to our clients and we’re constantly watching the current trends in online content translations to continue to serve all of our clients from the cutting edge of the field.

Dedicated Linguists Provide Specialized Oversight

To enhance the public health translation services we provide to our clients we work with dedicated linguists skilled in the study of languages. Our linguists are dedicated to creating and updating your translation memories and glossaries to be sure each word is translated accurately. They’re also able to work closely with our project managers so that if there are questions about your public health translations for any reason they’re managed immediately.

Professional Translations That Meet The Strict Demands of Public Health

No matter what the specialty there’s never any room for mistakes in the public health field. Every process, policy, and procedure must be accurately spelled out for all to understand. Otherwise, there could be grave consequences. With our experience in public health translations all the staff at ITC Global Translations understand this and are prepared to ensure the accuracy of all your public health translations. We use all of the tools at our disposal from our professional translators and dedicated linguists, to our state of the art translation tools so we’re always ready to provide you with professional public health translation and localization services for all your content so you can ensure clear communication throughout your project.