According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) insufficient sleep is an epidemic that is affecting people around the world. Sleeping disorders target people of any age, physical characteristics, health status, and socioeconomic group. Research is showing that lack of sufficient sleep is responsible for many vehicle accidents, mistakes on the job, and other types of injuries. Given this there’s currently a great body of work within the medical community that’s targeting the treatment of sleeping disorders.

Scientists and doctors are working together on a global scale to try and identify medical devices and treatments that may help eliminate the cause(s) of sleeping disorders and help patients finally get a good night’s rest. All of these individuals need to communicate with each other as well as with patients, policy groups, insurance companies, government agencies, and others fluently in order to move forward with their work. As a result sleeping disorder translations are in high demand.

As a professional translation company that has experience with sleep disorders content ITC Global Translations can provide you with translations that will support clear communication among all parties involved. Then everyone can concentrate on their work with sleep disorders while easily communicating across any language or cultural barriers that may exist.

Sleep Disorder Translation and Localization Services

Whether you’re running a sleep disorders study, designing a new sleep aid, or managing a sleep clinic there will be a need for sleep disorder translation and localization services. Content of all kinds from research notes to product inserts needs to be translated and localized for the culture you’re working in. ITC Global Translations can provide sleep disorder translation and localization services for

  • Scientific Papers
  • Sleep Study Procedures
  • Patient Information Forms
  • Physician Meetings
  • Medical Device Instructions
  • Product Inserts
  • Patents

With quality, professional sleep disorder translations for materials like these you’ll find that your content is much better understood and is more helpful for those using it. Having it localized takes this one step further to assure you’re saying what you mean in a culturally sensitive and appropriate way to whomever your audience is.

Mobile Translations Broaden Your Reach

Mobile sleeping disorder translations can offer your work a range of benefits. If you’re running a sleep study or clinic, you’ll want to be sure you’re reaching as broad an audience as possible with your services. To do so, sleep disorder translation services for all your mobile sites are a must. The majority of people today have at least one mobile device, some even have two. Reaching them with your sleep disorder information is much easier with professional mobile translations than traditional means like print and television advertisements alone.

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Experienced Sleeping Disorder Translators

As much as sleeping disorder translations are important to the success of your project they’re only as good as the translator working on them. ITC Global Translations has designed our translation company with this in mind and have access to sleep disorder translators who aren’t just skilled in the language but also the profession. They understand the terminology being used no matter how technical and specific it may be and, as a result, they’re the only ones prepared to translate your sleep disorder content with accuracy.

Top of the Line Translation Tools

The experienced sleep disorders translators at ITC Global Translations are provided with the most current translation tools so they can produce the best product possible for each client they work with. We use computer assisted translation tools combined with machine translation tools to maximize the accuracy and efficiency for every project that comes through our office.

In House Linguists

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Global Network of Translators

Our global network of translators means a great deal for your sleep disorder translations. Because our translators are based around the world they’re immersed in the culture and prepared to properly translate and localize your material. These individuals are also up to date on the “slang” and other nuances of the various languages they’re working with. Currently, our experienced sleep disorder translators can offer you translations in 75 different languages including

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Canadian French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Icelandic
  • Korean
  • Danish
  • Japanese
  • Swedish

This range of languages coupled with our experience translating a variety of different types of sleep disorder content makes ITC Global Translations an ideal option for your project because we’re flexible enough to do it all. The fact that you won’t have to go to separate translation companies means there will be greater continuity to you work, it will be easier for you to manage, and your translations will cost less as well because the process isn’t so fragmented.

Choosing the Best Translation Company

It’s not always easy to begin a new working relationship but, when you see our 100% client satisfaction it’s easy to see that working with ITC Global Translations is a good choice. Choosing the best translation company for the job will enable all participants to communicate effectively, and, as a result, your sleep disorder project will flow smoothly. Don’t waste time or money. ITC Global Translations can give your project the attention it deserves from our highly qualified staff today.