These days, video has to be part of your communication strategy. Here’s why: 72 percent of Internet users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video! As sharing channels multiply, video is a top avenue for businesses to communicate with consumers.

ITC Translations is your one-stop-shop for localizing audio and video projects and managing multilingual multimedia productions. Whether you need voice over, dubbing, subtitling and/or video production, our experienced team will manage your multilingual projects to make sure they stay on-time and on-budget.


Our video translation and AV production company takes care of every step in your project:


Transcription records all spoken content from audio and video files as text. This step is required before translating any audiovisual file.


Subtitling is an audiovisual technique where text is synchronized with the dialogue and displayed at the bottom of a video screen. This technique is the most-used and least-difficult way to localize business videos.

Voice over

Voice over is a production technique where an external voice is included in the video that doesn’t belong to any of the individuals appearing in the video sequence.


Synchronized dubbing is most often used in films. It replaces the voices of the original actors with the voices of actors speaking another language. This is different from oversound dubbing, where the new voice in the target language is superimposed over the original. In this case, the original character’s voice is still heard in the background.

Voice casting

Selecting the right voice talent for your audio and video messages is essential to convey the desired emotions and capture your audience’s attention.

Audio production

Audio production is a comprehensive service that includes translation, adaptation and post-production of your audio projects so you get files that are ready to use.

Video production

Video production is a complete service that provides video creation and/or localization to enable you to promote your company, products and services through video.

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