ITC Translations is an audio production studio that offers translation, adaptation and post-production services for your audio productions.

Why a single contact makes a difference

When you have one point of contact managing the entire audio production process in other languages, the project will be more efficient and you’ll get higher quality results.

What are the essential steps for producing audio?

  • Transcribing your audio file into a text file
  • Translating and localizing text into the target languages
  • Casting actors working in their native language
  • Completing post-production: creating or adding sound effects, music, etc.
  • Delivering a file that’s ready to use

Comprehensive project management on an audio localization project saves you from the hassle of overseeing multiple vendors in different locations with varying timelines. In the same way, a single point of contact will contribute to higher quality at every step in the process.

At ITC Translations, we assign you a single project manager who oversees our specialized resources at every stage in the project. We combine linguistic and technical expertise to provide an optimal final product and economy of scale on multidisciplinary projects like producing audio books in a foreign language.

Where audio production can be used

Audio guides for tourists

Audio books

eLearning programs

Phone messages

And more!

ITC: your audio production studio

ITC Translations offers you a comprehensive range of audio production services that includes all stages of post-production, from transcription to dubbing, translation to sound design.

Our linguists transcribe the audio file and translate the text from the original language, then we do the dubbing and recording in studio.

Our three agencies in Canada, the United States and France use their expertise and local networks to connect you with the best specialists in the right locations.

We satisfy the technical and linguistic specifications on your audio projects through a talent pool of more than 1000 voices in 50 different languages, with 10 to 40 actors per language, even the rarest.

Our partnerships with recording studios on five continents also ensure you get optimal recording quality even on the other side of the planet.

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