ITC Translations offers multilingual voice dubbing services for your videos so you can reach international audiences with audiovisual productions that are translated and localized for them.

Why You Need Dubbing

Dubbing is a technique that replaces the voices of the original actors with the voices of actors speaking another language. Dubbing must be done based on the timing and movements in the original video.

There are two main types of dubbing:

  • Synchronous dubbing, where the original voice is completely replaced by the voice of the new actor
  • Oversound dubbing, where the original voice is still audible in the background

Dubbing videos is an important step in any international communications strategy that makes it easier for your target audience to understand your content. Viewers will be able to more quickly and easily concentrate on the video when it’s in their native language.

Unlike with subtitles, the viewer doesn’t have to read the text while watching and can pay more attention to what’s happening in the film or video.

Dubbing works great for animated and motion design videos because of the wider margin of synchronization between the sound and image.

Why You Need A Dubbing Studio

Recording international versions of company videos (internal and external)


Social media

Youtube videos

TV ads

Video games




And more!

Rely On The ITC Dubbing Agency For Your Videos

ITC Translations offers you a comprehensive range of audiovisual translation services that includes all stages of post-production, from transcription to dubbing, translation to subtitle embedding.

Our linguists transcribe the video and translate it from the original language, then we do the dubbing and recording in studio.

We deliver the files to you with dubbed versions in multiple languages with lip synchronization and post-synchronization. The actors we work with are professionals who go beyond simply repeating the words spoken by the characters in a film. They accurately and precisely convey the dialogue’s emotions and nuances.

Our dubbing studio has a talent pool with more than 1000 voices in 50 different languages, so we’re sure to have the technical and linguistic experts you need for your videos, with 10 to 40 actors per language, even the rarest.

Our locations in Canada, the United States and France, as well as our partnerships with a dozen studios around the world, put us close to voice actors so we can provide good artistic direction and record excellent quality sound, no matter where the actors live.

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