ITC Translations is ready to help you promote your company, products and services through video. For us, an image is worth a thousand words, so we’ll help you make a bigger impact on your target audiences by producing your videos or localizing an existing film with our video translation services.

Why video should be adapted for your audience

To be effective, a video must be adapted to the local context. The scenario and related elements (characters, decor, sets, etc.) must match the environment of your target audience so the content isn’t perceived as “foreign,” meaning poorly adapted to their country.

This is true for both BtoB and BtoC projects.

To do this successfully requires two skill sets:

  • Specific linguistic expertise so that your content presents the sales arguments and technical points of your product or service
  • Marketing and artistic expertise so that the video you’re adapting or producing aligns with the original video while following local communication conventions

You may need translators, linguists, writers, film makers, sound engineers or actors to put together this type of video production project to target North American markets or reach export markets.

ITC: video production company for your video projects

We handle all steps in this process through our experienced in-house team or in collaboration with ITC Group partners, making the process simpler for you.

Your project manager will oversee all the relevant resources for a successful audio and video production that is tailored to any communication channels you want to use (TV, YouTube, etc.).

Our mission will be to localize an existing video or produce original content adapted to your markets.

We start by working with existing text in any language, then adapt your sales arguments to the local context while using the right technical terms for your business. We then create an original or adapted scenario and finalize it with you before production begins.

For this stage of production, our video and sound technicians work on-location or in the studio to get the required footage. We make rough cuts and then show you a first edit before making the final cut for you to approve.

Our teams are based in France, Quebec and Florida. For corporate video production services in other regions, we have established a network of partners who handle the filming, while we maintain overall directorial control of the project.

This arrangement enables ITC to complete audio and video production work at all the locations used in your project.

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