The Importance of Interpreting

It’s no secret that getting translation services for your business is incredibly important. But many business leaders may not realize how important it is to partner with a global translation service that can provide more than just translation services. A full suite of language services that include interpretation, audio video services, SEO and more will [...]

The Big Risks of Bad Translation

For businesses operating today, cutting costs is a natural progression towards end goals. It’s important that you reduce overall operating costs in order to ensure that you give your company the best potential for the future. But one thing that is easy to forget is that sometimes, those cut corners can cost you. A perfect [...]

A Closer Look at Multimedia Localization

Today, technology plays a huge role in how a business reaches, communicates and interacts with its potential audience. It’s easier than ever to become a global business thanks to the internet. But, no matter how you’re reaching your audience, the fact is that translation barriers will exist that you must manage. When you’re using multimedia [...]


ITC Global Translations is a multilingual translation company, providing services in a variety of industries and for all types of companies. We translate scientific and technical documents as well as marketing and legal documents.

More than 2500 specialist translators

Our translation company works with 2500 hand-picked professional translators throughout the world. These linguists work in a variety of languages and language pairs: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Our translators are assigned to a project according to their expertise in the relevant language as well as their area of specialization (IT, medical, gastronomy, travel/tourism, etc.). ITC’s unique process: we have an in-house department dedicated to the selection, evaluation and management of our linguist network.

Quality and responsiveness offered by ITC, translation company

Thanks to our method of operation, our translation company is able to provide high-quality translations and a high level of responsiveness. We can meet all type of requests, even the most demanding.For this reason, our clients report a high level of customer satisfaction, in terms of the quality of the service provided and the working relationship we maintain throughout the project. 100% of ITC’s clients would recommend our translation company.