Did you know that content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than traditional marketing and generates around three times more prospects? Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a content creation agency, can grow your business by writing all your documents.

Why Outsource Content Writing?

Content creation requires a significant investment of time and human resources. There are a number of challenges a company can face when writing content:

  • Internal resources aren’t always available
  • No skills or specific expertise on the type of content to be created
  • Limited budget for hiring a dedicated team
  • Difficulty meeting the required demand
  • Lack of new ideas
  • Difficulty creating a complete brief
  • Lack of time to devote to content creation

While it’s true that your team is the one that knows your business best, you may need to work with an external provider when your team doesn’t have enough time or when you want to focus on your core tasks. Finding professionals who provide SEO content writing services, or any other type of content, will help you save time and give you access to the multitude of skills they bring (writers, graphic artists, SEO specialists, project managers etc.). Our content creation agency can put all these resources at your disposal.

Writing All Your Multilingual Content

Our content writing services will take care of many different kinds of documents:

Blog Articles

Product Data Sheets

SEO Content

Rédaction technique

Journalistic Content



Case Studies

Landing Pages

Purchasing Guides





And more!

Turn to ITC Translations for Your Content Creation

At ITC Translations, we have a multi-disciplinary and multilingual team that writes content for companies at any maturity level and for any target region.

We help you put together a detailed brief for all your content needs that includes info on:

  • Context: Who is your company? What is your positioning, your main competitors, your brand identity, your editorial and brand style guide, etc.?
  • Project: What do you need? What are your objectives? Who are you speaking to? Who is the project’s main audience? Do you have any schedule requirements? What’s your budget? What are the technical details related to the content you need (for example, specific SEO keywords to include, content length, etc.)? Do you have any examples that inspire you?

All of these questions will help us understand what you need so we can provide exactly what you’re looking for and make sure the project runs smoothly.

Once the brief has been created, we select the writers for your project. They will always be experts in your field and will write in their native language. We may do a test to narrow down the pool of writers and make sure we are following your editorial style guide. Finally, we can also send you a sample to approve, meaning we’ll write an initial document that will serve as a template for all similar documents we create.

Are you looking for a service provider that offers content writing services? Contact us today to discuss your project.

Looking for the right partner for your content writing needs? We’re here to help!