Whenever you want to export your products, it’s important to get your documents and communications translated. Read on to see how ITC Translations, a food and agriculture translation agency, can help you grow internationally.

Why is translation in the food and agriculture sector a challenge?

The food and agriculture sector occupies an important place in the U.S. economy. Many growing businesses are turning to export to expand their reach beyond national borders. Effective, targeted communication is essential when it comes to complying with standards, meeting customer expectations and satisfying the demands of business partners. Relying on a team of specialized translators will make sure you’re speaking the language of your audiences and give you every chance of success with your exports.

In the food and agriculture sector, menu translations are a particularly difficult field. Remember the last time you went to a restaurant and had a laugh when the menu featured completely unknown dishes with unpronounceable names?

Gastronomy varies from one country to another and sometimes even from one region to the next. This gastronomical diversity sometimes makes it impossible to literally translate the names of dishes, as there is no equivalent term in the target language. Consequently, menus must be adapted by mentioning a dish’s primary ingredients, rather than its name, for example.

The well-known French croque-monsieur, for example, could end up with a translation that is far from appetizing if translated literally. For example, when translating into English, it’s best to leave the term in French because the literal translation is something like “eat the gentleman.” Another fun example can be found in the Czech Republic, where moravský vrabec literally means “Moravian sparrow.” However, diners who order this dish will not find themselves eating sparrows, but a more everyday ingredient: pork.

One thing is sure: when it comes to translation in the food and agriculture sector, it’s best to surround yourself with specialists who will give you good advice on all its intricacies.

Food and Agriculture Document Translation

Translation in the food and agriculture sector covers a wide variety of fields and types of content, such as:

Product labels

Quality manuals

Activity reports

Sales terms and conditions



Product Data Sheets

Advertising Materials

Turn to ITC Translations, Your Food and Agriculture Translation Industry

At ITC Translations, linguists who specialize in food and agriculture translation must demonstrate the following skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of the relevant field
  • Knowledge of the technical vocabulary associated with each specialization
  • Perfect understanding of the source language
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Knowledge of the current rules and standards in the target country

Just like our entire internal team, the translators in our network who specialize in the food and agriculture sector work according to the following principles:

  • They will not accept any job if they cannot guarantee a high-quality translation.
  • They are committed to working in accordance with professional standards, namely:
    • only translating into their native language.
    • keeping up to date with trends, terminology and standards associated with their area of specialization.
    • using appropriate reference materials to ensure they understand the documents to be translated.

ITC Global Translations can also create specialized glossaries for your use. These glossaries are then updated as your project progresses based on your preferences.

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