Corporate communication documents must be precise, consistent and accessible to the target audience. Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a corporate translation agency, can support your work by localizing your business documents.

The challenges of corporate translation for your business

Corporate communication departments are tasked with distributing information to various entities or individuals. They help to develop messages that are meant for a variety of purposes both inside and outside the organization. Previously called “public relations” or “public affairs,” corporate communications have taken on new value and importance in the twenty-first century as a result of corporate scandals and crises.

Corporate communication departments also play a very important role in how the general public, employees and even investors view a company. These departments will frequently work directly with a company’s management team and serve as advisers in managing the company’s reputation.

Media relations is usually the function for which corporate communication is best known. This work includes writing and distributing news releases and responding to media inquiries, preparing information for distribution, and preparing executives to speak at news conferences. Corporate communicators may also manage a company’s website and social media presence.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when translating corporate specific materials:

  • company culture
  • target audience
  • perception the company wants to convey through its news, social media presence or intranet site
  • grammatical structures of the source and target languages

Corporate translations require accuracy and consistency in all content for a specific brand or product. Corporate documentation often requires a special approach. That’s why the translations ITC Translations provides are never literal. Instead, they convey the concepts, tone and meaning of the source communication. These translations must be culturally appropriate and include wordplay and references that fit the target country and audience.

Corporate Document Translations

ITC Translations translates a wide variety of corporate communication documents. Some examples include:


Intranet content

Onboarding booklets

Press Kits

Activity reports

Meeting Notes

Sales Leaflets

Turn to ITC, Your Corporate Translation Agency

ITC Translations offers high-quality, consistent and relevant corporate translations that are perfectly in tune with your corporate style and image and your target audience. We pay fastidious attention to technical detail and we review and identify any areas of your content that need to be culturally adapted or localized. Our secure infrastructure means we can offer complete confidentiality and peace of mind as we serve as your brand ambassadors throughout the translation process.

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