With 1.5 million travelers in the world, international tourism is a heavyweight in the global economy. Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a translation agency specialized in the tourism industry, can help you better communicate in the language of your audience.

What are the challenges in tourism translation?

Today, the phenomenon of globalization affects all industries. By definition, the travel and tourism industry is reaping the benefits. As travel is becoming more accessible (with an increasing number of both travelers and destinations), tourism professionals need to communicate effectively—in several languages—with a growing number of clients and partners.

To get prepared for their trips, travelers search first for information and activities presented in their language. This means that hotels, travel agencies, airports, restaurants and cities all need to provide their documentation in as many languages as possible to expand their business by reaching all their different audiences with clear and effective messages. For tourism, it’s particularly important to adapt communication to the specific characteristics of the target audience.

The role of the translation company becomes evident because of the number of different languages and countries involved. When you entrust your translations to native-speaking translators who are experts in the tourism industry, our company guarantees that your message, regardless of the content and the recipient, will be broadcast effectively and specifically for the intended audience. Who better than a native English speaker, for example, to present a destination or a tourist attraction to others from the same country, using local references and concepts that will best convey the message to fellow English speakers?

Tourism Document Translation

In this context, materials used to promote internationalization include:


Sales leaflets


Guided tours

Guided tours

Travel guides

Sales terms and conditions


Turn to ITC, Your Tourism Translation Agency

For your translations in the tourism industry, ITC Translations carefully selects translators from our network who are native speakers, qualified in translation and experts in the tourism sector.

We can take your translation project from A to Z with our additional services:

  • Multilingual desktop publishing: we deliver finished documents that are ready to share or print.
  • Website localization: we translate your website and adapt it to your target audience and culture.
  • SEO translation: we adapt your SEO strategy for your target languages to produce a translation that’s optimized for search engines in your target countries.
  • Content writing: we write blog articles, draft SEO content and create infographics to help you promote your business.

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