When it comes to international business, your communications strategy is your greatest asset to conquer new markets. Find out how ITC Translations, a retail translation agency, can help you in your international business development.

Retail Translation or How to Develop Internationally

International trade has always been an issue for businesses. There are many reasons to expand into foreign markets: to become a leader in your sector of activity, to stand out from the increasingly strong competition, to seize new opportunities, to increase your visibility or notoriety, etc. All these objectives can be achieved if a good international business and communications strategy is put in place.

It is at this stage that a retail translation agency becomes indispensable. Doing business abroad, whether through e-commerce or not, means adapting your product or service to your target market. To do so, you must have a good business translation and localization strategy in place. You certainly would not want your message to be misunderstood by those who will pay for your product or service. In many business transactions that take place every day, there is little that separates a successful action from a failed action. That is why it’s important to make the most of your chances by using professional linguists.

Retail Document Translation

As an expert in retail translation, ITC translates and localizes your documents while keeping the message and the original information. We can translate:

Product Data Sheets



Promotional offers



Entrust Your Translations to ITC, Retail Translation Agency

Our retail translation services help our clients to communicate with their future partners, suppliers and customers through a business translation service for all types of documents.

In 20 years of experience, we have built up a solid network of linguists specialized in all fields. All these professionals have been selected according to rigorous criteria and are regularly evaluated to ensure a high level of translation quality. We offer business translations in more than 80 language combinations through our 2,500 linguists around the world. In this way, we guarantee an accurate translation that includes the right terminology for the world of commerce and business thanks to our editors who specialize in the commercial sector.

ITC therefore offers:

  • A translation adapted to the target audience.
  • A business translation that accurately reproduces the message you wish to convey.
  • A team of specialized translators who listen to your needs.
  • The added value of translation services for all your media.

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