E-learning has expanded rapidly in recent years due to its simplicity and accessibility. Find out how ITC Global Translations can help you translate your e-learning documents.

Why You Need E-Learning Translation

Have you implemented online training for your employees or students to give them more independence and simplify your learning processes? Self-directed learning has become popular these days as a way to let everyone learn at their own pace whenever they want. E-learning platforms also have an advantage: they enable you to track participants throughout the training process. So, why make things more difficult by not offering the training in their native language?

Studying or learning new concepts is already challenging enough. Doing this in a foreign language makes it even more difficult and discouraging. Providing translated e-learning materials improves people’s desire to learn, as well as their participation level and their chances for success. For training providers, translating e-learning materials also helps build audience loyalty as participants explore new classes and content tailored to them.

There are many advantages to working with a translation agency specialized in e-learning, like ITC Global Translations.

  • Expert translators with demonstrated experience in your industry.
  • Native target language translators who know the source language well.
  • A team of localization engineers experienced with e-learning software for ready-to-deploy projects.
  • A quality process that meets professional standards, including ISO 17100.
  • A dedicated team to support you and make sure the project runs smoothly and meets your expectations.

When our linguists translate e-learning materials, you can be sure the original message is accurately conveyed in the new language through your training materials. Our team focuses on supportive education, excellent writing skills and responsiveness. At ITC Global Translations you can count on top-notch e-learning translation service that meets all your expectations.

Translating e-learning materials and documents

ITC Global Translations can work with a wide variety of e-learning materials and software.

Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate Rise 360


Adobe Captivate






Et bien plus encore!

Turn to ITC for E-Learning Translation Services

What process do we use for translating your e-learning materials? Below are the main steps in the translation process tailored to e-learning projects.

1 – EDITABLE TEXT (extractable to XLIFF or XML)
The editable text is handled as a standard translation project and reintegrated into a copy of your e-learning project after translation.

The images with text are handled by our DTP team. They’re either re-created to make them editable in the source file or extracted to handle externally and replaced in the translated project(s).

The A/V content is handled by our A/V team which can adapt to your needs and provide transcription, subtitling, text-to-speech, voice-over/dubbing by voice actors, and more.

After these three elements are localized, our engineering team combines them into the translated e-learning project and makes any layout corrections.

Finally, we do a round of in-content QA done by a linguist familiar with each target language to make sure that nothing is missing compared to the original, that all text and audio are properly synchronized, and to correct any remaining visual errors.

Do you have any questions or need more information about our e-learning translation services? Let’s discuss your project now!

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