ITC does many different things every day, from little gestures to bigger ones to demonstrate our commitment to eco-friendly consumption.

Our commitment to the environment

We’re committed to managing our impact on the environment in a responsible way, which is why the environmental effects and aspects of our operations are managed according to strict business standards we’ve set up.


In terms of sustainable development, ITC has implemented a proactive policy of sharing recommendations on our intranet or by email about using recycled paper, recycling batteries or correctly using office equipment.


We only print if it’s necessary and we encourage employees to reuse what they’ve printed by using the back sides of printed pages for notes, etc. Office printer ink cartridges are recycled. For test prints, we print on the back sides of sheets that have already been printed.

Most of our client and supplier invoices are processed digitally, which significantly reduces postal transport requirements.


ITC uses a wide range of communication methods: phone, email, instant message, audio and video conferences, etc. All these tools enable us to reduce unnecessary travel and save time.


Whenever possible, we use rechargeable and reusable equipment and energy-saving devices like low-energy light bulbs.

Waste management

All waste is sorted in dedicated bins at each of the offices.


ITC encourages our employees to use public transportation. Our sales teams drive hybrid vehicles or vehicles that meet eco-driving standards.


ITC Translations is committed to doing our part to tackle environmental challenges. That’s why we reduce our carbon footprint by gifting trees to our clients. Check out the growing number of trees planted on our company page.

Our commitment to solidarity

ITC Translations and our employees are committed to social responsibility, so we support several organizations and solidarity activities. Here are a few examples of the Group’s commitments.


Entrepreneurs du Monde is a French association of general interest created in 1998 and works with people in developing countries. It enables thousands of women and men in extremely precarious situations to improve their living conditions: it supports them in their own entrepreneurial initiatives and facilitates their access to products with a high health, economic and ecological impact.

How do we help them?
Every year, ITC supports the organization by donating translation services for its annual report. We also support their Food Truck project, which helps vulnerable people set themselves up in new careers in the sustainable food service sector.


Have you ever seen a hospital with just eight beds and only one doctor to care for 27,400 people? Unfortunately, this is all too common for many towns, such as Zorgho in Burkina Faso.
Clémence and her sister Mona, with the help of their employees at the Care & Life’s association, have decided to help this community and build a community health center there..

How do we help them?
The organization was able to finish building the health center thanks to the donation we made on behalf of the clients who responded to our satisfaction survey.


The purpose of the Gabriel association is to provide or encourage humanitarian aid for young children and to support orphanages in France and abroad. To date the association has supported 3500 children in orphanages and schools in Vietnam and India.

How do we help them?
ITC Traductions provides financial support and visibility to the actions carried out by the association. Watch our meeting with Stéphanie Hervée, founder of the association.


From schools to sports fields, even in your cars, STEF fights against the use of telephones at the wheel, and more specifically “Text and Drive”. In partnership with Road Safety 69 as well as other associations related to education, sport or understanding of addictions, the STEF association aims to intervene in schools, on social networks, sports fields and in the media.

How do we help them?
We have chosen to support the STEF association in its road safety mission by offering them the translation of their website. Visit Stef-Cares.org.


Art For Science reveals how the brain works and the effect of different activities on the brain. All the actions of the association Art For Science have a philanthropic aim to support neuroscientific research.

How do we help them?
We’re proud to support the Art For Science organization by donating translation services for their sales app that benefits their artwork on the brain exhibition and their conference about the effects of Art on our brains.


Founded in 2005, the association Toutes à l’école offers a high level of schooling to the poorest Cambodian girls. The care is global: education, nutrition and medical follow-up (general medicine, vaccinations, dental and ophthalmological care).

How do we help them?
In 2019, we have set up an “incentive” action to encourage our customers to participate in our satisfaction survey, by making a donation to the association for each answer obtained. We are proud to contribute to the education of these young girls.


We know that 2020 has been difficult for many people, especially healthcare workers. So, we wanted to support them by donating to The Frontline Fund, an organization that supports Canadian hospital foundations around the country.
During COVID-19, they focused on supplying medical equipment, supporting healthcare professionals, and funding research.

How do we help them?
ITC is honored to support the organization with a $1000 donation.

Our policies

Take the time to read our human rights, environmental and sustainable procurement policies.