Bom dia, e bem-vindos a Lisboa !

Those words marked the start of the 10th EUATC (European Union of Translation Companies conference in Lisbon from April 23-24.

ITC Translations, new to the association, could not miss this opportunity to make a name for themselves with new partners and discover the latest technologies as well as evolutional and technical trends in the field. Located near the beautiful Vasco da Gama Bridge and the Tagus estuary, the conference welcomed 150 people from all over Europe with one goal in mind: listen to Fado music while eating delicious cod fritters! Or perhaps it was to learn more about sales and management techniques… but who knows!

To help everyone get to know each other, a “People Bingo” was organized. The goal was to write a personal secret on a large board and see if the others can guess who it belonged to. It was a perfect ice breaker and a good way to start the conference.

For two days, lectures, workshops and demonstrations helped address different aspects of translation: sales techniques, Machine Translation, management tools, team development, enhancing visibility, etc. To finish the first day in a friendly manner, a traditional Portuguese dinner was held in the castle district of Sao Jorge, on one of the many hills of the city. With some “vinho verde” to help loosen the tongues a little, it was a moment rich in discussion and jokes awkwardly translated from one language to another in an attempt to explain the meaning, all in a wonderful atmosphere with Fado playing in the background. The second day allowed guests to discover industry trends, take advantage of more advanced demonstration workshops and share more with the other participants.

As thunderous applause honored the last presentation of the conference, a final tasting of Porto was offered to beautifully conclude this event. It was incredible for the residents of Lisbon, who don’t always view their neighbor in a positive way.

In conclusion, the conference was a real success for ITC Translations, who was able to make new contacts who will hopefully become future partners. Let’s not forget to recognize the human success of the event as well as the quality of the organization. A big thank you to everyone and see you soon!

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