In order to ensure the successful marketing of its clients’ new products, this marketing agency chose ITC to conduct market analysis for new brand names. Find out how ITC was able to help.




English, German, Chinese and more.





▸ Client brief

The client provides us with a list of different potential brand names. The names were created by our client for specific products. ITC validates these names (or not) according to their pronunciation or meaning in a given language or culture.

▸ Client’s target audience

General public due to the commercial scope.

▸ Methods used by ITC

  • We created a network of linguists dedicated to branding
  • Specifications were put in place for our customers.
  • We delivered an easy-to-use final product.

Branding for Our Marketing Client

This is not a standard translation exercise, but it requires a good knowledge of the target country, its culture and history. In addition, there is the marketing dimension, as the linguist must put themself in the consumer’s shoes and assess the relevance of the brand name.

The challenge was to qualify the right resources in different cultures and countries to carry out thorough and well-founded analyses. Our dedicated project managers for this client remotely managed the market research for the export of products with new names.

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