In the business world, legal protection is fundamental. Find out how ITC Translations, a legal translation agency, can help you by translating contracts.

The Importance of Contract Translation

The translation of contracts and other legal documents can be an important issue for your company if you are looking to expand abroad or develop your business in other markets. This type of translation must consider the legal rules applicable in the various countries concerned, with the linguist ensuring the equivalence of legal concepts between the two languages. However, despite its professionalism, the translation of contracts is not a substitute for legal advice in the target country.

The translation of contracts and, more generally, legal translation, requires the translator to have specific and advanced knowledge of the law, but also the obligation to keep a constant watch on legislative developments, which are numerous.

This type of translation may also require certification from the translator or notarization from a notary public to be recognized as official.

A specialized agency such as ITC will be able to provide you with the best possible support in the translation of your contracts and advise you on whether or not a certified translation is necessary.

Entrust the Translation of Your Contracts to ITC

As a translation agency specializing in legal translation, we provide our clients with translations of contracts and other legal documents. Our extensive network of linguists and translators specializing in contract translation can cover more than 80 different language combinations and deliver your documents to you in a timely manner.

When translating your contract from one language to another, it is essential to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy. At ITC, we understand this, which is why our agency only works with expert linguists who are not only native speakers of your target language, but also have first-hand experience in the legal sector and understand your industry. In this way, we guarantee that any industry-specific legal jargon or terminology is reliably translated and that your translated contract remains equivalent to the original.

ITC offers you our expertise in the translation of legal contracts in many languages. In addition, we retain the translators who have met your expectations to guarantee the consistency of the various documents translated throughout our collaboration.

If you are looking for a professional translation agency specializing in contract translation, look no further. Let’s discuss your project now!

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