At ITC, our in-depth knowledge of the French language is one of our most significant assets. We draw on skilled and experienced language experts to meet our clients’ expectations and provide translation services of the highest quality, while complying with linguistic standards and rules. As a translation company, we carefully select our translators and project managers, the cornerstone for accurate and high-quality projects that our clients can rely on.

300 million

people speak French worldwide


most spoken language in the world

29 countries

have French as their official language

History of the language: French translation

Many of our clients rely on us for their translations into French. French has its roots in Latin but evolved thanks to the influence of several different civilizations and languages. Invasions, migrations, colonization and globalization have enriched and diversified the French language. French is now spoken in more than 50 countries, as either a native language, official language, administrative language or simply a commonly used language. It is also one of the official languages of certain international organizations such as the OECD and the UN.

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Specific features of the French language

While certain rules have been standardized, French is nonetheless a rich, complex language. Regional and national variations, as well as complex grammar, terminology, vocabulary and phonetic rules present specific challenges and are a driver for change and constant learning.

This is why linguists who are experts in French are essential for carrying out translation tasks. As an international language, French is in high demand in the translation industry, in all fields: medical, IT, technical, tourism, etc.