In addition to the many challenges facing the insurance industry, customer satisfaction and information quality control are also high on the list of priorities. Find out how ITC Global Translations can support you with translating documents for the insurance sector.

The Importance of Translation in the Insurance Sector

The relationship between insurance companies and their customers is generally based on loyalty and trust. These two elements can be gained when communication is clear and information is properly conveyed to the client. Indeed, language services, whether in the form of face-to-face interpreting or document translation, are of paramount importance to the insurance industry.

Often, when clients are asked to fill out forms, the terminology used can be confusing or unclear. When the customer does not speak the language of the document, this confusion can be even more pronounced. By providing translated copies of application forms, your company’s website, claim forms, privacy policies and other documents, you ensure that all clients have equal access to your documents and are able to take full advantage of your company’s services. Insurance terminology should not prevent your customers from fully understanding the information you share. By providing translations of these documents, you help ensure that all your clients are fairly represented in the insurance process, regardless of language.

Translating Documents in the Insurance Sector

The translation of documents for the insurance world involves a wide range of media. Here are a few examples:



General terms and conditions

Privacy Policy


Claims-Related Documentation

Entrust the Translation of Your Insurance Documents to ITC

At ITC, all the translations we produce are done by native translators and we make sure that we hire people with specific experience in the relevant field, whether it is health insurance, property insurance or car insurance. In addition, we ensure that the designated linguist is fully knowledgeable with the terminology used in contracts or other related documents.

Insurance is a sensitive sector where a poor translation could have significant PR consequences for your company. Through rigorous multi-stage selection and continuous review processes, we produce services of the highest quality. We have a quality assurance process in place to ensure that every project we deliver meets the highest standards.

ITC aims for optimal security for your data and guarantees you a careful processing to protect your interests. We are committed to serving you, just as our customers in the insurance sector are committed to customer satisfaction. We combine excellent customer service, cutting-edge technology, and competitive pricing to provide the insurance industry with an ideal solution for their language services.

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