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130 million

people speak Japanese worldwide


most used language in the world


writing systems are used in Japanese

History of the Language: Translation into Japanese

The history of the Japanese language is punctuated by reshuffling. Originally, it was only a spoken language, but the need for a writing system became apparent as early as the sixth century. Borrowing from the Chinese language, the constraints imposed by the spoken Japanese language and the increasing presence of Western terms form the basis for Japanese as it is used today: a language composed of three typographies that is constantly evolving.

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Specific Features of the Japanese Language

Japanese differs greatly from European and other Western languages, making it difficult to learn for speakers of these languages. The language’s syntax, verbal forms, agglutinative structure and different writing systems make it complex. However, Japanese is very popular, especially because of the country’s economic strength. Technological innovation, high-tech products and the automotive sector attracted many foreign companies as early as the 1980s.

This is why there is high demand for Japanese translation. Areas such as advanced technology products, energy, automotive, robotics and nanotechnology are particularly popular. For these fields, it’s essential to work with translators who are experts in the local culture and the terminology specific to a particular industry.