The emergence of smartphones and tablets has contributed to the strong development of web and mobile applications. Find out how ITC Translations can help you localize your web and mobile applications.

App Translation: What’s at Stake for Your Company?

Sixty-seven percent of the world’s population (5.1 billion people) are mobile users, meaning they connect to the Internet from their mobile phone. With such a figure, one can better understand the interest of making one’s web or mobile application available in several languages. Even more so since mobile Internet traffic is now higher than traffic from a computer.

Many companies are now developing an app to increase their presence on Internet. From e-commerce websites, to shopping malls or even sites for exchanges between individuals, everyone is aware that an app, if well designed and available in the language of the target audience, is an asset for customer engagement. Sending notifications is an undeniable plus to remind the customer of the brand’s existence.

To provide translation, agencies employ translators specialized in localization of mobile apps and software. Localization is the term used here because it is essential to adapt the medium to the language, but also to the local culture and regulations. Let’s take the example of the European Union with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). If this regulation is applicable for a member country of the union, it will not necessarily be applicable for a country that is not a member of the union. This may therefore have consequences on the elements to be translated and made accessible. An expert linguist will also take into account the required technical aspects of their work, such as limitations on the number of characters.

Mobile App Translations

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Entrust Your Translations to ITC, Web and Mobile App Translation Agency

Our multilingual agency specializes in IT translation, including the translation of web and mobile applications. With the expertise of 2,500 expert translators, we are able to translate your apps and websites in more than 80 language combinations. The translation of web applications is one of the essential components of Internet content localization, which means adapting a website for a foreign country according to the linguistic and cultural context. It is therefore not just a literal, word-for-word translation, but translates concepts for a target market that may be significantly different.

Thanks to the skills of our specialized multicultural translators, our translation company takes care of translating your web and mobile applications using linguistic and cultural adaptation (expressions, symbols, references).

By choosing ITC, you also benefit from international audio and video localization services. Your web applications get optimal visibility (thanks to multilingual content or social networks) and assert themselves as relevant interfaces.

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