A press release must grab the journalist’s attention and convince him or her of the value of relaying the information. Producing a document in the journalist’s own language is essential. Find out how ITC Global Translations can help you by translating your press releases.

The Importance of Journalistic Writing When Translating a Press Release

The press release has the particularity of addressing the final reader through the journalists. The latter must be convinced that the information presented will be of interest to their readers.

Since a journalist is always in a hurry, the information must be immediately usable, the work done in advance, so that they can communicate it to their readers with a minimum of rewriting. It goes without saying that the writer of the release must respect all the rules of journalistic writing.

Press releases are a key element in the success of a communications plan and have a particular structure and style. The message should be concise, fluid, and simple. The form must be attractive to stand out from the multitude of releases received by journalists.

If all these rules are true for the press release in the source language, they are equally true for the target languages. Incorrect translation using imprecise language will result in laborious reading and could weaken journalists’ interest in the information received or prevent them from publishing the article.

The challenge of translating press releases does not stop there. Translation usually must be done under extremely tight deadlines, as information has such a short lifespan, even more so since the advent of social media. Since the image of a brand, institution or company depends in part on its relations with the media, using an agency specializing in journalistic translation ensures that information is properly conveyed, regardless of the target audience and country.

Entrust the Translation of Your Press Releases to ITC

At ITC, we know that experience is important. So, the person assigned to translate a press release will have experience not only in the source and target languages, but also in journalistic writing and in your field of activity.

When our translators approach a project with this unique set of skills in hand, the translations you receive are inevitably of higher quality. The chosen translator can provide accurate and precise translations, meeting the requirements of press release translation.

ITC has established itself as a major player in the translation industry. Discover all the services and advantages of our multilingual agency:

  • Professional specialist translators: with a network of 2,500 linguists, we assign your project exclusively to translators who specialize in your field.
  • Latest generation tools: ITC has the most powerful translation tools on the market. Thanks to our portal, you can easily submit your press release translation requests and thus reduce delivery times.
  • A wide range of translation services: ITC takes on all types of projects and can offer you a range of services, so all you have to do is receive the final document.

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