Globalization opens the doors of local real estate markets to many foreign buyers. Find out how ITC Translations can help you with translating your real estate documents.

New Markets at Your Fingertips Thanks to Real Estate Translation

The Internet has greatly simplified the advertising and promotion of real estate listings worldwide. Buyers and sellers now come from all over the world and accurate translations ensure good communication between the different parties.

A new professional opportunity, the desire to change scenery, the need to get closer to suppliers… many reasons can push individuals or companies to set up abroad. Companies seeking to go international need to set up offices, production, or storage sites. To best support them, real estate agents must make the information exchanged transparent and simplify access to it. This is especially important since the rules of the real estate market differ greatly from one country to another.

Real estate translation will allow the real estate agent to help their client in the best way possible in the process of buying or renting a property, by providing advice more easily. The interest of a potential client will also depend on a well-written description in a language he understands. A quality, fast and reliable translation will facilitate communications and clarity of the resulting real estate contracts between the real estate company and the buyer.

Translating Real Estate Documents

Many contents related to the real estate market may require translation. Here are a few examples:

Sales agreements





Powers of attorney

Entrust Your Translations to ITC, Real Estate Translation Agency

When it comes to successful real estate translations, quality and accuracy are the most important aspects to successfully reach all parties involved. ITC provides professional real estate translation services in a wide range of languages.

We put at your disposal a network of professional teams dedicated to any type of company operating in real estate, in several time zones and with a set of concrete skills. Do not forget that real estate jargon doesn’t just apply to the legal aspect of things. Describing buildings and properties in their best light also requires a special skill set.

Our linguists are experts in real estate and translate exclusively into their native language. They are therefore aware of the legal obligations of the local real estate market and will be able to adapt their translations to the cultural specificities of the target audience.

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