The computer software that dominates the market has been localized into several languages. Find out how ITC Translations, a translation agency specializing in software localization, can help you make your software understandable to the widest possible audience.

The Challenges of Software Translation

Since the advent of the internet, the creation of computer software has become commonplace. Thousands of software programs exist in all fields and it is difficult for users to make choices. However, we all tend to prefer software that we understand. Whether you are in France, England, Japan, or Brazil, the first thing users do after installing the software is to choose the navigation language. If you do not have the software translated, you cut yourself off from a large market share.

Some software has been created only for users of a single language and the internationalization of the software was not thought out from the start, making the localization phase more difficult. From the moment a piece of software is created, it is important to have in mind its expansion into several languages and cultures. More than half of the world is now connected to the Internet and only 25 percent of Internet users use English to navigate, it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of such opportunities.

Computer Software Translation

ITC translates your software and related documents, such as:

Back office



Instruction manuals

Video tutorials



Help Messages


Entrust Your Translations to ITC, Software Translation Agency

ITC offers software translation services for professionals in 80 language combinations. Our agency, which has extensive experience in IT translation, will take care of all your projects concerning application software or system software. To handle your request, we select translators who are experts in the IT field. These linguists, with their in-depth knowledge of the relevant terminology, ensure accurate and rigorous translation work for every project. As demanding professionals, we use the latest translation tools and scrupulously respect confidentiality clauses. Working with 2,500 expert linguists, we can translate your software into a very wide range of languages.

Today, ITC is a major player in translating computer software. Always up-to-date on the sector’s evolutions, our professional translators provide quality translations that are perfectly in line with the requirements, as well as personalized support throughout the project. We respond to all your requests, even the most complex, within satisfactory deadlines.

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