ITC Translations, a translation agency specialized in transportation and infrastructure, will help you to adapt your communications to the different languages of the world.

The Challenges of Translation in the Field of Transportation and Infrastructure

In innovative industries at the cutting edge of technology, the stakes are high. A demanding field with precise terminology must be treated with the precision it requires.

Large-scale projects, specialization and innovation are what the transportation and infrastructure fields are all about. ITC understands this distinction and offers specialized translation service in these fields that meets their requirements.

Innovation and specialization are at the heart of these sectors of activity, where many important things are at stake. Most of the time, projects require a fast and efficient market launch, constantly evolving terminology, different concepts, high confidentiality and, above all, high safety requirements. Respecting these elements in translation is essential and will greatly promote the success of your local and international exchanges.

Translating Engineering Documents in Transportation and Infrastructure

ITC translates your engineering documents in the transportation and infrastructure fields, including:

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Reports


Invoicing of mechanical and electronic parts

Security documents

Product Descriptions


Internal communications


Technical and engineering standards

Codes of conduct

Entrust your Translations to ITC, Translation Agency in the Transportation and Infrastructure Sectors

Our team of more than 2,500 professional linguists around the world specialize in all types of fields and translate exclusively into their native language. For these reasons, the fields of transport and infrastructure hold no secrets for us.

Your industry needs translation that includes personalized service, a translation memory and specialized linguists. Not only do we master the terminology related to your activities, but the linguists assigned to your project will also have proven engineering skills.

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