Do you want to launch a product internationally? Find out how ITC Translations can translate your instructions and user manuals.

The Importance of Translating Instruction Guides and User Manuals

The technical translation of your documentation, such as the translation of user manuals, drawings, catalogues, and other documents, is a necessity when exporting products. Your foreign customers will need these documents to properly use your product, regardless of your business sector.

You’ve launched a product you are proud of and are now looking to expand internationally. In addition to the legal obligations, you must ensure that your customer is using the product correctly, for which you have written clear guidelines or instructions for use. In certain sectors, such as the medical field, an incorrect translation of the instructions for use could have disastrous consequences for the health of patients.

Your original instruction manual has been written with care and has a very clear purpose: to provide the person reading it with correct instructions. It is essential that the translation provides the same clarity, which is why it is important to entrust your translations to professional linguists who are specialists in your sector.

Entrust the Translation of Your Instruction Manuals and User Guides to ITC

Multilingual agency specialized in the translation of user manuals, ITC offers professionals an expert service dedicated to the translation of technical documents. Our agency offers customized services that meet your exact needs.

In the case of a technical user manual, we select professional translators who specialize in the relevant field. Thanks to this requirement, ITC guarantees its clients quality translations using the most appropriate terminology. Our responsive team takes charge of your project within the most satisfactory deadlines for your company.

All our linguists have a minimum of five years of experience in translation and translate exclusively into their native language. We pay great attention to terminology and systematically build up a translation memory. For the most sensitive documents, we also offer the creation of a glossary. Finally, we offer additional services such as multilingual DTP to provide you with a turnkey document, ready to be printed or shared.

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