ITC Translations offers multilingual audiovisual subtitling services for your international video communications.

Why you need video subtitling

Subtitling is an audiovisual technique where text is synchronized with the dialogue and displayed at the bottom of a video screen.

There are a couple professional subtitling techniques:

  • Standard subtitling transcribes spoken words, including narration
  • Coded subtitling meets the needs of people who are deaf and hard of hearing by transcribing all sounds and noises to make the video easier to understand

Since 85 percent of videos are watched without sound on social media, subtitles are an essential component of your digital communication. They help people understand your content better and allow you to reach a wider audience, especially when the language of subtitles is different from the original language.

Subtitling can be broken down into several steps. First, the video must be transcribed and timecodes must be created. Timecodes make it possible to locate an element (phrase) in a video. They make it easier to synchronize subtitles. Next comes the subtitle translation and adaptation step where the final adjustments are made before the subtitles are embedded in the video.

While the process of creating and embedding subtitles requires meticulous work, subtitling is the easiest technique for reaching a wider audience with your videos.

How does a video subtitling project work?

Where video subtitling can be used

Recording international versions of company videos (internal and external)


Content shared on social media

YouTube videos

TV ads

Video games



Offline conferences and events

And more

ITC: your video subtitling agency

No matter what industry you work in, using subtitles in your videos will make it easier for as many people as possible to understand them and will help you reach your international audience.

At ITC Translations, your video subtitling agency, we offer fast, precise and reliable subtitling services in many languages and multiple formats. We can deliver your subtitle files in various languages with or without timecodes or we can embed the subtitles in your videos.

Our team makes sure your subtitles are perfectly integrated and adjusts timecodes and audio descriptions in all existing alphabets, including Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, etc., as well as languages that use special characters like Chinese and Japanese. Our linguists also adapt subtitles to the target market.

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