12 Reasons To Study Foreign Languages

Not only will your friends be entirely impressed by your knowledge, but studying a foreign language will ease the relationship between you and your language service provider as well.

Here are 12 great reasons to study foreign languages.

  1. Studying foreign languages will boost your opportunities for work in a number of fields including government, business, medicine, law, and foreign trade and commerce.
  2. 4-out-of-5 jobs in America are created based on the existence of foreign trade.
  3. Foreign language coupled with your business skills will make you more valuable in the workforce.
  4. In business, your ability to understand the needs and demands of your target audience/market will be made simplified.
  5. Problem-solving and processing abstract concepts are developed out of the study of foreign languages.
  6. Creativity is boosted and solidified through the study of foreign language.
  7. It’s far more likely that you’ll operate in a multi-cultural world more effectively if you study a foreign language.
  8. Foreign language study breeds an appreciation of culture and diversity.
  9. The study of foreign languages improves understanding (and appreciation) of his or her own language.
  10. Mastering a foreign language will help your marketing skills, thereby making you more marketable.
  11. Studying foreign language will help you in dealing with other cultures, even if they don’t fall within the language you’ve mastered, which will in turn help you deal with your own culture.
  12. The stamp of foreign language on a resume will give the holder a competitive edge for coveted job positions and promotions.

Studying a foreign language, learning to speak the language fluently, and translating a language are different things. That’s note-worthy. They require different skills and fields of study.

Given that, when you’ve studied a foreign language, your relations with your language service provider will be improved as well. Your working relationship will be based in understanding and from there, your multilingual product, service or content is just a translation away with ITC Translations.

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