Helping Your Translator Help You

We’ve covered, time and again, the need for an LSP who can bring your products, websites, and services successfully from source to target language. However, now that you have the translator who’s going to help you break into or continue to make strides in the international market, it’s up to you to do your part.

Here is where most buyers will think, “I have a part?” Yes. Here’s a bit about it. Turns out your aid is imperative and incredibly vital for the success of your project.

Giving Your Translator Enough Info To Work With

That’s the key to this lock. Your translator needs to have enough information about you, about your business or brand, about the project and about your goals, in order to make the translation the best it can be.

Not only that, but your translator may also require a few aids in the form of documents or images. Are you in the business of e-commerce? Let’s say you are. If your project involves the translation of your Fall 2014 catalog into 3 target languages, it would be in your best interest to provide all the necessary images of your products to assist your translator.

“But I’ve given him/her the source text.”

Have a discussion about the necessities of your project well before the project is set to begin.

Great! That’s wonderful and very necessary, but it’s only about 70% of what your translator needs to do the job you’ve requested. Always consider that. In most cases, when you meet with your LSP and discuss the ins and outs of your project, the LSP will notify you about what they need, but it’ll do wonders to expedite the process if you give the LSP everything they need beforehand. Having to request additional resources takes time. And in turn, your having to retrieve each requested thing and deliver it to the translator may take time as well.

Have a discussion about the necessities of your project well before the project is set to begin. This way, you’ll save time and energy reserves that will be better used on your project.

Contact ITC Translations to learn a bit more about meeting with your LSP team before beginning your project.

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