Have You Made Plans To Expand Into German Markets?


The benefits of German translation are various and sundry, linked not inexplicably to the growing success of a business or brand. Any method of expansion that includes reaching international German audiences must consider that translation will ultimately be at the core of their business plan.

When you work with professional translators, such as our skilled and seasoned experts here at ITC Global Translations, the connectivity your business will experience between source and target markets will increase exponentially.

You should be aware of a few key points before your LSP brings your project from source language to target language.

1. Word choice and syntax

The diction and sentence structure (including the parts of speech they use) must follow the cultural norms of Germany, melding seamlessly.

2. More than one service

Translating from one cultural market to another requires more than just a standard translation. Consider whether or not your German LSP can translate your products and materials, yes. But also keep in mind that you may need contracts, audio/visual translation (this will include transcription), corporate documents, and more.

3. Nuance

A trustworthy German translation is worth more than the cost of the translation itself.

Language, no matter which one it is, has an incredible amount of very small (very important) nuances that many won’t be able to pick up. Not unless they’re a native speaker of the language. With our German translators, you can rest assured that they’re catching those nuances and adjusting them so that the markets you’re aiming to work within can and will understand them.

A trustworthy German translation is worth more than the cost of the translation itself. There are approximately 120 million native German speakers in the world and about 80 million non-native speakers. Of those native speakers, only 6,000 of those are skilled, capable translators. This, though it may seem substantial, is not a large number of translators, given the staggering number of speakers of this lyrical language. This is why an accurate, trustworthy tranlation is so valuable.

With this understanding in your hands, you’re ready to begin expanding. Contact us today.

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