Are You On This List?

We at ITC Translations have compiled a brief list of businesses and brands that should definitely consider translating their content and why. Are you on this list? Read on to find out.

Pharmaceutical Companies

All the clinical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing that takes place across the globe have made pharmaceutical translations a necessity. Language services work to remove delays that take place in this process. As one might imagine, linguistic road blocks are a very real problem in this international process.

Pharmaceutical companies need to translate their content for the following reasons:

  1. It can remove the problems that impede the introduction of new market drugs
  2. The clinical trial process can be cut down, facilitating a more streamlined process
  3. Development and research in international markets can be improved and expedited
  4. Regulatory board submissions can see a more mainlined process in international markets
  5. Product marketing and production can also see a more mainlined process in international markets


E-Commerce Websites

Translating your eCommerce website can help you and your business become more findable.

Translating your eCommerce website can help you and your business become more findable. By making your products, services and information available in other languages, you are further enabling your brand to be found by international audiences.

You are, essentially, increasing your odds for making a sale. It’s as simple as that.

By being one of the translating pioneers, you’re effectively putting your foot in front of the competition, placing yourself in a position of authority and making active strides toward capital success.

Marketing Companies

You know as well as we do that marketing is a tough business to be in. However, when you work in a large pool of consumers, you find that the results of your handwork see more success.

This is reason #1 why you need to translate your websites, blogs and content. By taking on the aid of a professional language service provider, you’re basically taking on all the knowledge they have from past projects, having worked on tasks like yours, with businesses like yours.

They can assist you with the workflow setups, which markets to actually market to and how to adapt your strategies to fit them. And with that knowledge and experience under your belt, you can increase your marketing reach. That’s common knowledge—when equipped with the right tools, success is never too far away.

Contact ITC Translations to learn about all the other businesses on our list of those that should definitely consider translation services.

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