Bringing a new drug to market is no easy task. Read on to learn how ITC Translations, a translation agency specialized in pharmaceuticals, can support your work by translating all your pharmaceutical documents.

What are the challenges in pharmaceutical translation?

A drug’s development cycle includes numerous phases such as research, clinical pre-trials, clinical trials, marketing authorization and sales. At every phase, accurate information exchange between the many parties involved is vital. Today, most pharmaceuticals are created and used around the world, making the need for clear communication during all phases of drug development even more important. With this shift, pharmaceutical translation and localization services have begun to play an ever-growing role within the industry.

With the help of experienced pharmaceutical translators:

  • Scientists running studies in different countries can communicate effectively and share their results with each other as well as the pharmaceutical company.
  • Patients can understand their role in the study, what symptoms to watch for, and how to complete the forms they’re given.
  • Doctors can work together across the globe, share data easily, and safely prescribe the drug to their patients.
  • Marketing departments can create literature, sales pitches, and web content that’s culturally sensitive and informative in each geographic area.

European regulations also require pharmaceutical companies to make their market authorization documents available in the official language(s) of the member states in which their drug is sold. Translation and localization services can also ensure that the drug is reviewed by the various countries’ regulatory agencies without issue. If the regulators can’t understand the data or if there is an error in the instructions or packaging, there could be delays or, worse, the drug may not get approved at all.

Pharmaceutical Document Translations

Pharmaceutical translation handles many document variations. Some of these include:

Scientific reports

Patient information sheets

Medical reports


Market authorizations

Product inserts

Information for pharmacists

Adverse incident reporting forms


Turn to ITC, Your Pharmaceutical Translation Agency

Documents must be translated into several languages since pharmaceutical products are developed and used around the world. Choosing a company like ITC Translations that has the capability to translate and localize all of the materials for each geographic area you’re working in brings many benefits.

A translator with no pharmaceutical experience wouldn’t understand the technical verbiage contained in the majority of documents, and would miss many of the nuances within the pharmaceutical content they’re translating. That’s why our pharmaceutical translators have an in-depth understanding of the industry as well as the source and target languages to provide accurate translations.

Considering the specialized terminology and all of the important data involved in pharmaceutical documents, translations can become very technical. With the help of our in-house linguists, up to date glossaries, translation memories, and other technology tools, our experienced translators provide clients with custom pharmaceutical translations that require fewer revisions, at a faster rate, for a reasonable cost.

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