Why Is A Project Manager Necessary?

“But why is a project manager necessary for my text’s translation?” Have you asked your Language Service Provider this? You may be wondering. And that’s good. Wondering is a great thing for your project. It means you’re invested. The good news is that, if you have a project manager on your side, you won’t be the only invested one.

What Is A Project Manager?

Here’s what we at ITC Translations can tell you about it: Our translation project managers fulfill the role of client’s first point-of-contact. And this relationship runs through the whole of the project, up until its completion—and often further than that, because our project managers want to be sure you’re satisfied with your final project completion.

What Project Managers Do?

After a project’s approval, the project manager will evaluate and run through a risk assessment.

They also complete the following tasks:

  • Document analysis
  • Implementation
  • Problem solving
  • Customer service
  • Project planning & set-up
  • Selection & scheduling of your team of translators

Many believe that having CAT (computer-aided translation) tools in place will suffice when it comes to the role of project managers. These are not good substitutions for a role that is essential to the health and continuation of quality translation.

The job is much more complex than many customers and clients would understand. A good project manager (PM) will explain the ins and outs of their role with regard to your translation project. This is something you can definitely expect from the PMs with ITC Global Translations.

Ultimately, the PM is the sole variable responsible for making sure your project is delivered to you, under your set and agreed upon deadline and standards. You might even consider your project manager as a sort of insurance policy. Trust that ITC Translations hires nothing but the best and most equipped project managers. Contact us today for more information about this incredibly pivotal position.

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