Dispelling Translation Rumors

To help you understand just how vital translation still is to so many different industries, and therefore, to yours, here are a few translation myths—busted!

“Translation Is A Very Small Niche Market!”

Untrue. On all accounts. In 2012 alone, the global market of language services grew to be worth over $33 billion USD. These figures include written translation, interpreting and localization of products, text, web content and software.

The root of this myth comes from the fact that the majority of these services are provided by small translation agencies. There are more than 26,000 small translation agencies throughout the world, so it makes sense then that people who are not as entrenched in the industry wouldn’t be as privy to the substantial numbers common to the trade.

“Translation Is Becoming Less And Less Necessary.”

On the contrary, it’s estimated that there will be 83,000 jobs for language service providers (including freelance agents) by the year 2020. These numbers include only the United States, to really put things into perspective for you. Since 2010, the market has had an expected growth of 42% by the time we hit 2020. Translation has never been more necessary than it is now, and as we progress, that statement will only continue to be more and more true.

“I’m Bilingual; I’m A Translator.”

The ability to write out a grocery list doesn’t make one a professional writer.

This is commonly thought, on many levels—including within businesses. Think of it this way. The ability to write out a grocery list doesn’t make one a professional writer. The same concept applies. The ability to speak English and Spanish doesn’t make one a qualified or suitable translator. In fact, language service providers in the US have to be certified by the American Translators Association. Any specialized translators have to go through an incredibly extensive process.

“Translation Is Only Relevant To Language Industry Professionals.”

Translation crosses so many divides, spanning the fields of business, e-commerce, IT, legal, medical and more. Executives at companies all over the world are realizing what a golden pathway translation is, leading to increased revenue and new market connections. Government factions are also taking new interests in translation, as a report on translation services in Africa has noted the inclusion of translated materials would boost political input, human rights, and attention paid to healthcare issues.

Now that you have a better idea of what ITC Translations and language service providers all over the world are doing, you can take the next step and contact us today about how we can help you too! Welcome to the world of language.

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