Stylistic Translation & Accuracy

We at ITC Global Translations know that, when it comes to picking a language service provider that will be a great match for you and your project, you need to consider many variables.

So why should you choose ITC simply because we tell you to? The answer is that quality, especially in the world of translation, matters. It matters, and ITC knows this. ITC Global Translations has experienced translators that have expertise in two primary areas: accuracy and style.

This is important.

Stylistic Necessity

Although your project may already be on paper, and not involve the complications that come with audio/oral transcription and translation, there’s always a chance that it will. ITC can, of course, take on such projects. And it’s because of the fact that our translators have experience with native accents, the fluency of delivery from the source language, and an understanding of how to employ correct terminology.

There is a sense of consistency that must mirror what’s being conveyed in the original language, even if there is no exact word or phrase that match from source to target language.

Necessity For Accuracy

This tip is, quite likely, an obvious one for you. You want your translation to be accurate and dependable. You don’t want to doubt whether or not your language service provider is skilled enough to handle the task at hand.

Though not directly related, this brings to mind an incident which took place in the world of interpretation (a practice which differentiates from translation in some ways, but is also similar).

At an international symposium, a press conference was held on the subject of human rights, international law, freedom of expression, etc. These topics and terms are, to say the least, difficult and lofty—for anyone. But when it comes to translating—interpreting—these concepts, there’s a sort of accuracy that is required.

The 2 interpreters, students of the local university, which were chosen to carry out the task of interpreting from source to target languages for this conference, were understandably “befuddled” by the task placed before them, saying that, even between the 2 of them, they couldn’t properly understand and produce accurate interpretations of the subjects and terminology.

They were overwhelmed by the difficulty, and that was displayed clearly in the video (seen below) of these 2 interpreters at work during the press conference.

It’s a huge indication of why professional language service providers are a necessity. Editing and proofreading are all parts of the translation process. A skilled and seasoned LSP, such as the ones we have on hand at ITC Translations, will take the time to correct spelling and grammatical errors, syntax, will verify name spelling and terminology and check time and time again for proper formatting and overall project accuracy.For more information on this, contact ITC today. We’ll give you the assurance you need and help you make an informed decision. Choose ITC Translations and do so with confidence in our promise of stylistic translation and accuracy.

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